Third International Inventor's Day Celebration

  28-31 October 2010, Nuremberg, Germany

on the occasion of the Argentina's Inventor's Day

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November 22
,  2010 

 “Heritage of Laszlo Biro and Best Argentina Inventions” – Virtual presentation 


The “International Inventor’s Day” event was established by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) to raise awareness of the role of inventors in our daily lives, and to celebrate the contribution made by inventors to the development of science, technology and societies across the globe. The “International Inventor’s Day (IID)” must be organized together with an selected national similar event. The the first issue of “International Inventor’s Day (IID)” was celebrated on 2nd of February 2008 in Bangkok together the Inventor's Day in Thailand.

The second issue of “International Inventor’s Day (IID)” was again celebrated on 2nd of February 2009 in Bangkok together the Inventor’s Day in Thailand. > > > report here

The IFIA ExCo was accepted that the third issue of International Inventor’s Day be together with Argentina's Inventor's Day. This day is the birthday (September 29) of László Bíró who is the inventor of ballpoint pen. The celebration was organized one month later connected to the IFIA General Assembly on 29 October 2010, Nuremberg for financial reasons.

File:Ladislao Biro Argentina Circa 1978.JPG

László Bíró in 1978

Virtual presentation

The IFIA organized  the 3rd International Inventors’ Day connected to the IENA Nuremberg.

Here is the virtual presentation of the  “Heritage of Laszlo Biro and Best Argentina Inventions” – exhibition connected the IENA (28-31 October, Messezentrum Nuremberg Hal 12



View of exhibition:  Argentinean inventor  geniuses  -  Message on the 3rd IID  -   Biro story


Address of the IFIA President



Classic examples of Argentina inventions




Laszlo Biro and the ballpoint pen