IFIA General Assembly – 2010


29 October, 2010 - Nuremberg, Germany

Last Update
November 5,  2010 

Brief Report

The IFIA President had convened the IFIA General Assembly 2010 on the evidence of IFIA Statutes - Article 6 according to follows:

Date: 29 October, 10:00 h., Sal Amsterdam29 October, 10:00 h., Sal Amsterdam

Venue: Sal Amsterdam, Hal 12, Messezentrum, Nuremberg

 Calling of the delegates by President:


The following delegations of IFIA full members (with voting right) were present from:

1.      Bosnia and Herzegovina,  2.      China, 3.      Croatia,  4.      Czech Rep., 5.      Egypt, 6.      France,  7.      Hungary,  8.      Iran,  9.      Korea, Rep. of,  10.  Kuwait,  11.  Macedonia,  12.  Malaysia,  13.  Niger,  14.  Nigeria,  15.  Philippines,  16.  Poland,  17.  Romania,  18.  Russia,  19.  Saudi Arabia,  20.  Slovenia,  21.  Sweden,  22.  Syria,  23.  Taiwan ,  24.  Ukraine,  25.  Yemen

Opening the session:


The IFIA President stated that this meeting is standard IFIA General Assembly and it is opened.

The President informed the delegates about the last decisions of ExCo and he explained that the IFIA is more than forty years old organization. The new challenges wants new answers and to modernize the IFIA structure. Therefore in conformity with our Statutes Article 11.4 and 11.5 a Board of Directors will be organized in part of Secretariat of IFIA according to the fellows: 

1.      The IFIA Board of Directors is part of Secretariat of IFIA consisting tree directors and IFIA President as chairman of this board

2.      Its mission is to guide and to assist the work of IFIA.

3.      Some particular action of director is done by President’s request.

4.      The some (accommodation and travel, etc) costs of director’s works are covered by IFIA budget.

5.      Nomination of directors is competence of the IFIA President. The mandate of directors two years period (2011 – 2012).

Then he asked the IFIA directors (Pavao Havlicek, Husein Hujic and Adam Rylski) to seat at the presidium table. He had asked Mr Pavao Havlicek to be the Chairman of GA.


Chairmanship of IFIA GA:


Pavao Havlicek the Chairman,  Husein Hujic and Adam Rylski


The Chairman asked the Draft of Agenda by the President:

  1. Report of President, years 2008 – 2010
  2. Election of President for years 2010 – 2014
  3. Plans and Policy to years 2010 – 2014
  4. Election of ExCo members for years 2010 – 2012
  5. Member fee for years 2010 – 2014
  6. Others

This Agenda was unanimously approved.


1. Report of President, years 2008 – 2010


Works after GA 2008:


         Collective presentation on IBTIKAR 2008 (7 countries)

         Collective presentation on ARCA Zagreb (5 countries)

         IENA 60 + IFIA 40 = 100 Celebration in Nüremberg (Collective invention shows of the „poors” and conference)

         Collective presentation on 2nd International Invention Fair in Kuwait (5 countries)

         Cultural presentations on SIIF Seoul and collective invention shows (5 countries)


Works in 2009:


         ExCo meeting and “Computing and Innovation” Seminar in Budapest (8-11 January)

         Celebration of 2nd IID in Bangkok (2-5 February)

         Collective presentation of 25 IFIA delegates on 2x3 m booth in Kuala Lumpur, 12-16 May)

         Collective presentation on IWIS  (1-3 June, Warsaw)

         Participation on Al-Bassel – Damascus and establish IFIA Arabic Network (16-19 July)

         GENIUS Budapest – ExCo meeting, Anti-crisis Declaration, International Competition of Diploma Workers (9-13 September)

         Collective presentation on ARCA 2009, Zagreb (16-20 September)

         Collective presentation of „poors” and „Cloth of Inventions” – design presentation on IENA

         Collective presentation on SIIF Seoul

         Bogsch-film prepared by IFIA on the WIPO web


Works until GA 2010:


         First issue of „Bogsch Memory Medal” (23 April, Geneva)

         IFIA visit on Sanghay Expo and conference „Education, Science and Innovation” in Minhag High School  (28 April – 2 May)

         Collective participation on IBTIKAR and ExCo meeting in Jeddah (25 May)

         Collective participation on ARCA 2010

         Collective participation on IWIS and ExCo meeting (21 October)




         1000.inventions.com affair

         Low IFIA activities in west Europe and America

         Decrease of paid member fee from 2008


IFIA finance 2008 and 2009:


Balance in 2008:

USD 31 102 - EURO 16 621 - HUF 6 343 834

Balance in 2009:

USD 17 342 - EURO 14 478 - HUF 315 081

The balance sheets were approved by ExCo.


This report  was unanimously approved.


2. Election of President for years 2010 – 2014

The Chairman reported that there is one application for president: András Vedres.

He asked additional applications. Because of there were no further one, he asked Mr Vedres to present his application.


Vedres's application is here:

Candidate name:

András VEDRES dr.

Date and place of birth:


Present nationality:



PhD in chemistry

Sailing trainer

IP expert

Invention and innovation activity:

21 patent in pharmaceutical field and 2 other inventions.

Industrial preparation of several medicines (Chloramphenicol, Diclofenac, Vimpocetin, Tantum and Toxogonin).

Scientific activity:

Papers and lectures on alkaloid chemistry.

Corporate members of Hungarian Academy of Science.

Activity and results in national invention movement:

Founder (in 1989) of the Association of Hungarian Inventors – MAFE.

MAFE Secretary General continuously from 1989.

Organizer of the GENIUS international invention exhibitions (7 events from year 1996) in Budapest.

Activity and results in international invention movement:

Member of IFIA ExCo (1998-2002)

Organizing of the 30th Jubilee of IFIA (1998, Budapest)

Organizing and managing of the IFIA Internet database (1998-2002)

IFIA President (2006-2010)

Creating of the Official IFIA Event System

Members from US

Managing of the IFIA collective presentation in all part of the world

Organizing of conferences, meetings, presentations

World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions (2007-2008)

International Inventors’ Day project

IFIA 40th Jubilee Celebration (2008)

Organizing of IFIA Inventors’ Network (Europe, Africa and Arabic)

Founding of awards: International Order of Merit of Inventors and Bogsch Memory Medal

Representation of IFIA - officinal visits on 25 countries

After the voting the Chairman proclaimed:


The unanimously elected IFIA President is: András Vedres (2010 - 2014).


3. Plans and Policy to years 2010 – 2014


  1. To represent the inventors interest

  2. Invention marketing

        Organizations of IFIA Shows, competitions

        Officinal IFIA Intern. Exhibitions Project

        Increasing the judgment level

  1. Info activities, conferences

  2. Reorganization of membership

  3. Modification of Statutes

The Chairman is asked other proposals, which were the next ones:

  • Hebatalrahman Ahmed Egypt - Organization international invention show in Cairo (2011)

  • Husein Hujic - To start the revision of IFIA membership and statutes for the best work

  • Dr Fuad A. Al-Awwad, Saudi Arabia - Organization of innovation trainings for inventors on IFIA events

  • Yasser Saada, Syria - Neext Al-Bassel Fair in Syria be IFIA event

  • Lennart Nilson, Sweden - Celebration of SUF's 125th  years together 4th International Inventors' Day in Stockholm (October 2011)

  • János Szöllösy, Hungary - 8th GENIUS Budapest and European Innovation Days under the Hungarian EU presidency (June 2011)

  • HungKeng-Shiang, Taiwan - Organization of 2nd World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions, First International Cultural Innovation Festival and "Modern Innovation" ) International Conference in Koushiung (August 2011)

  • Alireza Rastegar, Iran - Organization of IFIA Asia Inventor Network

  • Dr drissa Hassane Souley, Niger - Activity of IFIA Africa Inventor Network

  • Joel Shaka Momodu, Nigeria - To find a good solution for the work of English speaking African organizations

  • Fuad A. Al-Awwad, Saudi Arabia - Organization of IBTIKAR 2012 as IFIA event again

  • Xiang Ming - China - Organization of Student Creativity Olympic Games in Sanghay (2012)

The GA acknowledged these proposals and remarks.


The President was outlined the text of the IFIA Declaration about EU Patent.


The GA unanimously adopted this IFIA Declaration.  Here is pdf format and HTML file.


4. Election of ExCo members for years 2010 – 2012


        1. Mr. Choi Jong-hyug Korea Rep.

        2. Mr. Alireza Rastegar, Iran
        3. Mr. Dr. Augustine S. H. Ong, Malaysia
        4. Mr. Yang, Yifeng, China
        5. Ms. Ana Hafner, Slovenia
        6. Mr. Khaled Naswan dr. Yemen
        7. Mr. Dr. Idrissa Hassane Souley, Niger,
        8. Mr. Joel Shaka Momodu, Nigeria
        9. Mr. Lennart Nilson, Sweden
        10. Mr. Dr. Fuad A. Al-Awwad, Saudi Arabia
        11. Mr. Dr. Octavian Plesa, Romania
        12. Mr. Pavel Dlohy, Czech Rep.
        13. Mr. Dr. Virgilio Malang, Philipines
        14. Mr. Vladimir Petriasov, Russia
        15. Mr. Janos Szöllösy, Hungary

These persons were unanimously elected.


5. Member fee for years 2010 – 2014

The President's proposal: the member fee be the original system based on invoice

The GA acknowledged this proposal.


6. Others

The Chairmen proposal: the date and venue of the next General Assembly in 2012 be determined by the ExCo.

The GA acknowledged this proposal.

The Chairmen closed this session at 12:30



Presidium and participants



Voting for next IFIA President  > > >   András Vedres



Adding their remarks: Hebatalrahman Ahmed - Egypt, Husein Hujic - Bosnia-Herzegovina Dr Fuad A. Al-Awwad - Saudi Arabia, Lennart Nilson, Sweden - Prince Joel S. Momudu, Nigeria