IFIA General Assembly – 2012

connecting to the 7th International Exhibition of Inventions


9-12 November - Kunshan, China

Last Update
November 26,  2012 

Brief Report (see the Circular No 12)

The IFIA President had convened the IFIA General Assembly 2012 on the evidence of IFIA Statutes - Article 6 according to follows:



9 November, 14:00 - 18:00 hours



Kunshan Convention & Exhibition Center, Qianjin East Rd.388, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China

http://www.kscec.com/ connecting to the 7th International Exhibition of Inventions (9-12 November)



China Association of Inventions (http://www.cainet.org.cn/English/index.asp); Main organizer and contact: Mr. YANG Yifeng, Department of International Cooperation, CAI and IFIA ExCo member (yang-yf@live.cn )


 Calling of the delegates by President:


The following delegations of IFIA full members (with voting right) were present from:

Bosnia and Herzegovina,  China,  Czech Rep.,  Egypt,  Germany, Hungary,  Iran, Korea, Rep. of,  Macedonia, Malaysia, Philippines,  Poland,  Russia,  Slovenia,  Sweden,  Syria, Ukraine.

Opening the session:


The President asked the IFIA directors ( Husein Hujic and Adam Rylski) to seat at the presidium table. He had asked Mr. Adam Rylski to prepare  the Minutes of GA.



The President proposal:


  1. Reports about the work of the IFIA members and the IFIA Office from the last GA (2010) – reported by delegates and IFIA President (time limit is maximum 4 minutes by organization)
  2. Financial report of IFIA
  3. Working to year 2014
  4. Election of ExCo members for years 2012 – 2014
  5. Member fee
  6. Next GA


This Agenda was unanimously approved.


1. Report by the President, years 2010 – 2012


The IFIA Office Works in 2010:


  1. Establish of „Árpád Bogsch Memory Medal”
  2. IFIA visit on Shanghai Expo and conference „Education, Science and Innovation” in Minhag High School
  3. Collective participation on IBTIKAR and ExCo meeting in Jeddah
  4. Collective participation on ARCA 2010
  5. Collective participation on IWIS and ExCo meeting
  6. 3rd Celebration of the International Inventors’ Day, Presentation of Cultural Innovations, General Assembly, connected the IENA Nuremberg


The IFIA Office Works in 2011:


  1. 2nd World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions and CII Festival and Conference, Kaoshiung
  2. Campaign for the EU Patent
  3. Letter to the US President Barack Obama
  4. 4th Celebration of the International Inventors’ Day, Collective presentation of inventions, ExCo meeting, Stockholm
  5. World Competition of Green Inventions on IENA
  6. World Competition of Chemical Inventions  on IWIS


The IFIA Office Works in 2012:


  1. Collective presentation on the INPEX Pittsburgh
  2. 5th Celebration of Celebration of the International Inventors’ Day connected to the ARCA - Zagreb
  3. 2nd World Competition of Green Invention and ExCo meeting connected to the IENA, Nuremberg


This report  was unanimously approved.


2. Financial report of IFIA 2010 – 2011

IFIA incomes from 2010


Income 2010……. 8 616$.......12 950€

Income 2011…... 16 610$........ 1 870€

Income 2012……..1 600$............300€

Balance in 2010:

USD 20 977   EURO 4 806   HUF -3 516 806

Balance in 2011:

USD 17 929   EURO 1 883   HUF -4 198 052


Remark: The the Hungarian governmental guarantee concerning to yearly support for the IFIA Office was presented on the last IFIA GA by Mr. Janos Latorcai (Vice President of the Hungarian Parliament) before the election of Mr. Vedres. This financial support (10 million HUF/year) had no been granted. The costs of the IFIA Office in Budapest is paid by the IFIA President. 

The balance sheets were approved by the ExCo.


The financial report was unanimously approved.


3. Plans and Policy years 2010 – 2014


To represent the inventors interest 

    • Campaigns for simple and cheap protection of inventions

    • Struggle against the inventor scams

    • Obtaining higher social appreciation for inventors


 Invention marketing

·        Organization of efficient and cheap invention shows

·        Organization of competitions

·        Increasing the judgment level on exhibitions, awarding

The first IFIA event in 2013 be on February 2 - 7 in IRAN. The applications concerning to the IFIA event status (criteria: free booth and other supports for IFIA members) must be sent until  January 31, 2013 to the IFIA Office. The IFIA ExCo will accept the applications which will be published on the IFIA web until February 20, 2013.

Growth of inventor movement by development of the IFIA 

·        Organizing of new members

·        Better cooperation between members

·        Income increasing


This Plans and Policy  was unanimously approved.


4. Election of ExCo members for years 2012 – 2014


The mandate of the present ExCo is finished now. Thanks for the work:

Choi Jong-hyug/Shin Kyoung-ho, Alireza Rastegar, Augustine S. H. Ong, Yang Yifeng, Ana Hafner, Khaled Naswan, Idrissa Hassane Souley, Joel Shaka Momodu, Lennart Nilson, Fuad A. Al-Awwad/Mohammad Alfawzan, Octavian Plesa, Virgilio Malang, Vladimir Petriasov, Pavel Dlohy, and Jánnos Szöllösy.


Proposed IFIA ExCo


  1. China - Mr. Yang, Yifeng
  2. Czech Rep. - Mr. Pavel Dlohy
  3. Hungary - Mr. Janos Szöllösy
  4. Iran - Mr. Alireza Rastegar
  5. Korea Rep. - Mr. Shin Kyoung-ho
  6. Malaysia - Mr. Augustine S. H. Ong
  7. Nigeria - Mr. Joel Shaka Momodu
  8. Philippines - Mr. Virgilio Malang
  9. Romania - Mr. Octavian Plesa
  10. Russia - Mr. Vladimir Petriasov
  11. Saudi Arabia - Mr. Mohammad Alfawzan
  12. Slovenia - Ms. Ana Hafner
  13. Sweden - Mr. Cenneth Lindkvist
  14. Ukraine - Mr. Jurij Skomorovsky
  15. Yemen - Mr. Khaled Naswan dr.

These persons were unanimously elected.


5. Member fee for years 2012 – 2014

The majority of members had no pay their member fee. The GA requests the IFIA members to settle their debts.

This was unanimously approved.


6. Next GA

The President proposal:

The date and venue of the next General Assembly in 2014 be determined by the ExCo. The next GA duty: Election of President and ExCo

The GA acknowledged this proposal.

The President closed this session at 17:45



Presidium: Husein Hujic, Adam Rylski, András Vedres the President and participants