Inventions presented by IFIA Office at International Warsaw Invention Show - IWIS

Warsaw 30-31 May 2007

Prize list and Photos


Hungary (10)

DUTKAY, György dr.: Thin layer insulating parts for electric motors - SILVER

HÓBOR, László: Lower able crown of wrist-watch. - GOLD

KÁLMÁN Dániel: Phosphor mobilization for plants - SILVER

KUTHI, Zoltán: Control signal converter for phone. - GOLD

NASHWAN, Khaled dr.: Device for treating patients afflicted with angiopathy by sound waves - SILVER

NÁDAS, Béla dr.: Gyratory piston machine. - GOLD

OSBÁTH, Sándor et al: Vehicle speed measuring and display instrument - GOLD

PIMPER, István: Medical imaging. - GOLD

RAISZ, Iván dr.: Electrochemical process for decreasing water contamination. - GOLD

THÉSZ, János – BOROS, Béla – KIRÁLY Zoltán: Novel biodiesel GOLD+ AND SPWiR Cup


Iran (6)

Mohsen Sadeghi: Activity of Iranian Elite Academy

Sahin Ghorbani and Ali Zareei: Water-land aid robot - BRONZE

Samaneh Sheibani Maghadam: Printing circuit boards - SILVER

Arezoo Sheikh Akbari Zadeh: Anti –turn over system of automobile - GOLD

Ramin Alipour Dezfouli Asl: Wireless door open - SILVER

Ali Rajabi Nia: Marine diver apparatus - BRONZE

Ali Zareei and Shahin Ghorbani: Full automatic intelligent robot - SILVER


Malaysia (2)

Khairul Nizar dr. et al: The Production of Lightweight Aggregates - GOLD


Korea, Republic of (5)

Wellbas Ltd.: Multiplug system - SILVER

Park Kye-jung: Combination of a multi level generator and electric engines - SILVER

Lee Won-chul: Hygenic toile seat - BRONZE

Lootenlee Co. Ltd.: Device for drying waste foodstuff - GOLD

Jungdrin: Low-salt Broccoli Kimchi - SILVER


Romania (5)

Dana, Mihaela Jiuan: Doll Brand a Joy - BRONZE

Canni, Victor Mihail: Device for lombotomy - SILVER

Popescu, A. Mihail et al: Chalco-genide micro lenses for infrared radiation - SILVER

MUNTEANU Radu Ioan, MOGA Daniel, NEAGA Florian Claudiu, PETREUS Dorin, DUMITREAN Radu Mihai, MUNTEANU Mihai Stelian and VLADAREANU Luige: System for monitoring the progressive loading of lower limb in post-traumatic rehabilitation - GOLD

MUNTEANU Radu Ioan, MOGA Daniel, IVAN Dumitru Mircea, DOBRA Petru , MUNTEANU Radu Adrian, MOGA Rozica Gabriela and VELEA Lucian Marius: Wireless System for Remote Measurement of Tilt - GOLD


Russia (2)

Solodovnikova, Evgeniya: Hygienic Linen for Mammal Pets - BRONZE

Ramenskoye Design Company: Vacuum System for Low Temperature Diffusion Welding - GOLD


Saudi Arabia (2)

Al-Rasheed, Khaled: Equipment for food desiccation - SILVER

Al-Lafi, Waleed: Cap change to Cup - SILVER


Taiwan (2)

Chiu Yung-ho: Accelerated Aging Apparatus of Alcoholic Drinks - SILVER

Cheng Yung-chu: Super Comfort Face Mask - GOLD


Venue of IWIS: Palace of Science and Technique in Warsaw



IFIA booth, and radio report about the show



IFIA booth: inventions from Russia and Romania


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