IFIA Invention Show

Tesla Fest 2006 - International Invention Exhibition
Novi Sad, Serbia

 12 -15 October, 2006


This event was organized  by Inventors Association of Vojvodine on occasion of 150th birthday of Nicola Tesla. The venue was The City Hall in Novi Sad, Serbia.

There were near 500 items from 12 countries.


The City Sport Hal


The organizer provided free of charge booth for IFIA show (50 inventions of  8 IFIA members from 8 countries, KIPA forthcoming event in Seoul and EPO activity).



IFIA Invention Show


Presentation of IFIA and EPO activities


TIPPA inventions


Romanian and Polish sections


The scientific lectures were organized in the University of Novi Sad. The lecture of Mr. A. Vedres (President of IFIA) was: "Inventions and their infrastructure  after Nicola"



A. Vedres and K. VitÚz, Serbian interpreter





Cultural event: Folk dace and Tesla performance by Katalin LADIK


The IFIA Cup winners were V. MajkiŠ, S. TodoroviŠ and S. BijeliŠ (students of Electrotechnical School in Prijedor, Bosnia&Herzegovina). Their creation a computer implemented invention: "Model Car Driving System".


IFIA Cup winners and their teacher Mr. SuÜiŠ Edin


The prize list > > > here

Tesla Gold  Medal