14th Al Bassel Fair for Invention and Innovation

Damascus, New Fair Center

July 15-20, 2009


With the Compliments of Ministry of Economy and Trade
and League of Arab States
and Association of Syrian Inventors

IFIA Official Exhibition

Last Update
July 27
,  2009 

IFIA Presidential Reports

The 14th Al Bassel Fair for Invention & Innovation was a great publicity of the creativity and innovation in Syria. The exhibitors from 20 countries (IFIA organizations from 12 Arabic and 8 non Arabic countries) come to assist to our Syrian inventor friends to call the attention the Arabic society and Governments the importance of inventive activity against to the crisis.

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The IFIA organized informal ExCo meeting on July 18 6:30 p.m. connected Al Bassel. (Document about found of IFIA Arabic Inventor Network).

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The IFIA President organized Bus excursions for the IFIA participants to see Malula and Bosra (World Heritage). After the Bosra visit the IFIA participants visited Professor Adel Harfoush's house in Shaba for Arabic coffee and fruits (see the pictures).

The Al-Bassel Banquet was organized at the world larges restaurant in Damascus (see the pictures).

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Picture Gallery

(Photos and editing by Dániel Vedres)


Opening by Mr Francis Gurry WIPO DG

 Syrian Impressions

The wiev of Damascus

The wiev from the Sheraton hotel at Sednaya

Buildings of Maalula

A sheep farm

The old Bosra

Guiness Rekord 2006: The biggest Restaurant on the World. Venue of the Al Bassel banquet

The old theater of Bosra

Omayad mosque in Damascus

Greek catholic monastery - Sednaya

Lonely camel in Bosra

Horsefarm on the desert

Stone desert

A scool in Damascus

The kid of Bosra

Womens going up

The basar of Damascus

Damascus old town

Upstairs in the old theater of Bosra

The dome of the Omayad mosque

The Saida Rukkaya mosque

The Saida Rukkaya mosque

Hammam Nureddin the oldest bath in Damascus

Ananias chapel in Damascus

Color of the Street

Color of the street 2

The Damascus basaar

Prof. dr. Adel Harfoush invited the IFIA delegates to freshen up with coffe and fruits

Handicraft: The weaver

Handicraft: The knifegrinder

Handicraft: The carver

Shopkeeper: The grocer

Shopkeeper: The candy shop keeper