The First International Inventor’s Day

2nd of February 2008, Bangkok


February 2-5, 2008 


Without inventor no invention - without invention no innovation - without innovation no development!

P H O T O   R E P O R T

Last Update
February 12,  2008 

 Invention Exhibition

The IFIA organizations from 22 countries presented 138 inventions > > > the list here with booth numbers
Floor plan of Hall > > > Floor plan of IFIA presentation


KIPA and MAFE booths


Schoolchildren and SIBIH booth



Nigerian Association of Inventors and Saghai Xianming High School



Inventions from Iran and from Serbia



Inventions from Saudi Arabia presented by Khaled Al Rasheed and from Vietnam



Booth of TIPPA, National Taipei University and inventions from Malaysia



Moldova Association of Inventors and Innovators' show and Inventions from Russia



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