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by Farag MOUSSA

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Published by Farag Moussa, the Honorary President of
the International Federation of Inventors' Associations
IFIA - Budapest, Hungary


First published: October 18, 2002
Last update: April 22, 2006


Articles - Brochures
Books on Women Inventors


Role and Functions of Inventors' Associations
Also in French & Spanish

The Computer Age and the Inventor

From Virtual Markets of Inventions to 1000inventions
Also in Spanish

The Role of Innovation

The World Patent is Coming
Translations in
French, Russian, Spanish, SerboCroat, Macedonian, Finnish, Bulgarian, ...

In Favour of the Grace Period
Also in French

Commercialization of Inventions Worldwide
Also in Arabic

The Use of Patent Information in Europe

Role of Mass Media and Communication
in Improving the
General Environment for Inventive and Creative Activity
Also in French

Policies of Promoting Inventiveness and Technological Innovation

Promotion of Technological Creativity Among Youth and Students

What can the United Nations do to Promote Inventive Activities Among Women

Promotion of Invention and Innovation in Industry and Research Organizations

Les récompenses et les inventeurs

Les inventeurs en Europe

Patent Offices and Their Service to Inventors - View Point of Inventors



Stamps - Inventors & Inventions
Also in French and in Korean

How to Encourage Creativity in Youth

Come On, Girls!

Statistics on Women Inventors : A Worldwide View

Towards a PCT fee reduction in favor of independent inventors?

Reducing Fees for Certain Categories of Applicants

La Femme et l'Invention

Study and Draft Guidelines for Developing Countries on Institutions Dealing with the Promotion of Technological Innovation
Also in French

1000inventions.com: International Invention Licensing Opportunities

New Version of "Nigerian Scam" Targets Inventors

Comments on EPO Proposal for a Structural Reform of SACEPO

Answer to EU Questionnaire on the Patent System in Europe

Inteview for EPO SCENARIOS (2006)



in English, French, Finnish, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, and Korean.

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