Guidelines on How to Fill out the Submission Form:
First Cultural Innovation International Festival
IMPORTANT! – The information must be in English, and one form per invention
Send to:

A.  The Creation


  1. Title: (maximum four words)
  2. Aims of creation: (maximum 3 lines)
  3. Description: Give a general info of what the creation is about (maximum 5 lines).
  4. Presentation of special cultural value: Describe what is cultural heritage of the creation (maximum 5 lines) and provide illustrations, (in jpg form)
  5. Stage of innovation:. Choose one of the following: text only, prototype, pre-production, production item or realized project.
  6. Documentation available:  ( ) No   ( ) Yes - If the answer is YES, give details such as: leaflet, brochure, sample, video, website, etc.

B.  The Creator/s


  1. Name(s): (First name (not in capital letters), followed by FAMILY NAME in capital letters)
  2. Photo: Optional
  3. Self introduction: Optional (maximum 3 lines)
  4. Owner of the intellectual property: (Is it the creator?)   ( ) No  ( ) Yes - If the answer is NO, indicate the name of the owner (person, company, etc.)

C.  Intellectual Property


  1. Registered protection form:
    Patent/utility model granted, patent/utility model pending, design protection
    (underlining) and specification (priority, country, registry number etc.)
  2. Copyright: (date of priority)


D.  Business intention


Selling the intellectual property? Cooperation?
Looking for investor(s)? Selling the product? Other? (underlining)

E.  Contact


  1. Name: (the creator or his/her representative, whether an individual or organization)
  2. Address:
  3. Fax: (+country/town code, followed by – and number)
  4. Tel.:
  5. E-mail:

Country and IFIA organization of creator(s):