List of participants on the 2nd World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions - Kaoshiung (Taiwan)
Country Inventor Invention
Australia Bela BOROS  Fully Computerised Decontaminator/Emulsion Separator
China Liu  Weixiang A coded excitation method to generate acoustic radiation force
China Diao XianFen Coded Transmission for Ultrasound Doppler Detection Using Truncated Long Code
China Shen Yuanyuan and Li Yingchu A design of high speed and deep memory of data storage and collection
Czech Rep. VOLF JAROMÍR Plantograf V09
Czech Rep. Dagmar RÝDLOVÁ Languages without barriers
Czech Rep. Marika CHRAPAVA Nailexpert
Czech Rep. Pavel DLOUHÝ Scheme of innovation level classification in services
Czech Rep. Miroslav SEDLÁČEK Bladeless Turbine Setur
Egypt MOHAMED ALY ABED EL SAMED Solve global warming
Egypt Khalid ELNEMS Automatically Gates for Storm water Inlets with E-Maintenance
Egypt Hebatalrahman MUSTAFA Composite material automatic machine
Egypt Mahmoud M. Badran, Badran M. Badram  Solar Cells from Plants 
Egypt Wael HEGAZY The Optical Model for Digital Data Processing (ODM)
Germany Sturm Winfried Aps-simulator
Hungary László ROSSU Internet based automatic package sistem
Hungary Antal GASPARICS Dr NDT Type Magnetic Imagigng for Moving Objects
Hungary Zoltán KUTHI Rhythm-dial 
Hungary Győző MOLNÁRKA, István BOZI, Tamás MÓROCZ, Attila NAGY, István SÜTİ, Norbert VARJASI Intelligent measuring system for ball games. 
Hungary Csaba ÁRENDÁS Smart Vineyard 
Hungary Dániel Alexander WAMALA, Antal CSORDÁS Electropneumatic motion control system
Hungary József VÁRKONYI Technology CAD/CAM for Textual Rule SYSTEMS (Neopolitis)
Iran Seyed Mansour Moinzadeh BEHDID 8.50, Electronic magnifier, connectable to an eyewear monitor
Iran Mehran Safaei Torshizi Brush system of the front and back of worsted cloth capable of elasticity adjustment
Iran Mrs. Zahra SHABANI  Cleaner robot with high movement capability in Iranian houses
Iran Saman Fatahpour Internet text to speech
Iran Saman Fatahpour Production device of combinational codes without electrical energy
Iran Aysan  Rasi, Behnam Amini, Hassan Amini An intelligent control system for central keys (water-gas- electricity) in buildings
Iran Alireza  Faraji Mechanized Irrigation by Moisture Measuring
Iran Behnam Amini, Seyyed  Javad Roudehchiye Tabrizi Intelligent Computer-oriented system of traceability and identifying considered distances
Iran Kaveh Jodeirie Iran, Meysam Amini Intelligent system is the road gradient
Iran Nasser Mahmoudi, Mrs. Fatemeh Ghods Automatic Book & Document Scanner (A.S)
Iran Mahdad Mansouree, Vahidreza Bagheri, Mohammad Mehdi Nasrei Mojarad Wireless integrated local system
Iran Ataallah Samimi Moghaddam, Mohsen Hasanvandi Digital calculator with capability of calculating and printing receipt
Iran Amin Piry Distance stabilizer of user with monitor
Iran Saman Javaheri, Mohammadreza Nejatimoghaddam,  Hossein Nejatimoghaddam, Ms. Hananeh Mahdavi  Completely intelligent and electric post package receipt-giving post box
Iran Iman Zarnegarpour Intelligent highway warning system
Iran Masoud Tajbakhsh, Dr.Vahid Hosseini Jenab Identify bodies after the disaster system based on fingerprint technology, (the approach to management bodies)
Malaysia Hari  Ranjeev  Pharmbeez E-learning System
Malaysia WIDAD ISMAIL Automated monitoring system named MCDAS
Moldova Laurentia UNGUREANU, Ion Toderaş, Cristina Melniciuc, Daria Tumanova The software for monitoring the environmental ecosystems 
Nigeria Joel Shaka Momodu Grid Punch Machine
Poland SANKOWSKI Dominik, NOWAKOWSKI Jacek, HAMMER Erling, BABOUT Laurent, BANASIAK Robert, CHANIECKI Zbigniew, GRUDZIEN Krzysztof, JANASZEWSKI Marcin, Mosorov Volodymyr, ROMANOWSKI Andrzej, WAJMAN Radoslaw A method for measuring component fractions in a multi-phase flow in a pipe
Poland MOSOROV Volodymyr and CHODYKA Marta Method and device for preventing potential viewers from viewing inappropriate TV programs
Poland Andrzej ROMANOWSKI, Jakub BETIUK, Zbigniew FRATCZAK, Jacek NOWAKOWSKI,  Dominik SANKOWSKI Automatic driver notification about detection of the emergency vehicles
Poland Wojciech SANKOWSKI, Kamil GRABOWSKI Malgorzata NAPIERALSKA, Mariusz ZUBERT, Andrzej NAPIERALSKI A Reliable Algorithm for Iris Segmentation in Eye Image for Biometric Authentication
Poland Kamil GRABOWSKI, Wojciech SANKOWSKI, Andrzej NAPIERALSKI Fast and Reliable Iris-based Biometric Authorization Optimized for Multicore Implementation 
Poland Robert SZEWCZYK, Kamil GRABOWSKI, Malgorzata NAPIERALSKA A Reliable Iris Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on Reverse Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform for Biomertic Authentication
Romania Gutt Goerge, Gutt Sonia, Gutt Andrei Modular Analytics Unit
Romania Gutt George, Gutt Sonia, Gutt Andrei Video spectrometer
Romania Gutt George, Gutt Sonia, Gutt Andrei Automatic photometer to determine the concentration and  microscopic study of small sample volumes
Romania Gutt George, Gutt Sonia, Gutt Andrei Portable biosensor for glucose and cholesterol
Romania Philip Cojocaru Energy recovery actuating method and relating device
Romania Adrian Plesca On-load single-phase modular stabilizer
Romania Aurel Puscasu Youngest aircraft
Romania Claudio HUSTIUC System to produce electric energy
Russia Lidia USANOVA The technique of visualization of a piece of music
Russia Sergei VYSOCHIN Zenith SPPS: a system for operative-calendar planning and dispatching control
Russia Tatyana BORDOVITSYNA High-precision simulation of the motion a wide class of near-Earth objects using the software system of parallel computing and 128-bit word length
Russia Vladimir SYRYAMKIN A method for diagnostics of human body’s organs condition, device and software programs for its realization
Saudi Arabia Khaled Alrasheed dr. Innovation Brokerage
Saudi Arabia Khaled Alrasheed dr. Machine for scanning, winding, accumulating and preserving 
Saudi Arabia Khaled Alrasheed dr. Fast Fix Spare Tire 
Sweden Ylva Dalén A traning equipment for child born with physical injure
Sweden Sören HÅLLBERG A Wheel Flat Detector
Sweden Dick Holmén and Billy Jaquet A new type of automatic safety timer 
Sweden Malte Liliestråle Global Pay-TV and Video on demand with soft cards 
Taiwan WANG CHI-JO Multi-User Wireless Stethoscope
Taiwan WEI, TZU-CHIEH Multi-function Mirror
Taiwan CHEN, WAN-TZU  Multi-Function Smart Power Outlet 
Taiwan Liu Chung-Fan Online Realtime Sharing Aquarium
Thailand Phowpinyo Shimbahnao, Jakrapop Maisen and Sanya Utthayotha  Credit Bank for the Transfer of Technology to the Thai Community
Thailand Boonchai Boonthasri  Wildfire Detector Warning by SMS 
Thailand Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna  Antique Textile Pattern Database Developed as a Case Study
UK Mark Jankó Naturally Ventilated Laboratory Building