September 9-12, 2006 - Budapest Fair Center

Cartoonists & their Inventions

IFIA International Exhibition

Budapest Fair Center, Hall 18, Opening hours: Every day, 10 – 18 hours

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NEW!  August 30, 2006


What is it the relation between inventors and cartoonists?

They let their thoughts wonder freely. They are sitting in front of a sheet of white paper and they dream, paint, sketches and think about things which doesn’t exist yet, which made different tasks easier and change situations. When the inventor leaves his paper to construct his idea, the result from the cartoonist is already fixed on the sheet of paper. This way he may have results, which the inventor would not or could not complete.

Find in this exhibition the cartoonists from 47 cartoonists all over the world and their inventions and make your own opinion, about these inventions whether their could or could not be constructive.


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9/09   Saturday    11 h.

Opening of GENIUS and visit

Budapest Fair Center Hal 18

10/09 Sunday      14 – 17 h.

IFIA ExCo meeting

Hotel Expo

10/09 Sunday      19 – 22 h.


Budapest Fair Center Hal K

11/09 Monday     10 – 16 h.

IFIA Conference

Budapest Fair Center Hal K

11/09 Monday     18 – 20 h.

GENIUS Award Ceremony

Budapest Fair Center Hal 18

12/09 Tuesday     11– 13 h.

Visit to Parliament

Parliament building


Budapest Fair Center: Albertirsai u. 10, 1101 Budapest

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