September 9-12, 2006 - Budapest Fair Center

“The Condition of the Inventors”

IFIA International Conference

Budapest Fair Center, Conference Room, September 11, 2006

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November 12,



• Dr. Farag Moussa (IFIA Honorary President): The Inventors and the World - Some Challenges (in pdf format)

• Dr. Tivadar Lippényi (Vice President of the National Research and Technology Office, Hungary): The Inventors and the Innovation

• Éva Bakos (Director, Hungarian Patent Office): The Inventors and the Intellectual Property

• Hsu, yi-chuan (Professor, Taiwan): The Inventors and the Education

• Dr. Oleg Figovsky (Professor, Israel): The Inventors and the Scientists

• Paola Giuri and Alfonso Gambardella (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Laboratory of Economics and Management and Univ. Commerciale, Milan): The Inventions and Licensing

• Robert Lougher (Executive Director of the UIA of USA): The Inventors and Innovation Pimps (in pdf format)

• IFIA delegates (Sweden, Iran): Country Reports

• Dr. Vedres András (IFIA President): Closing Remarks

Video (Small parts of the lectures in wmv format)

DVD record about this Conference will be sent at request