IFIA YOUTH, a brainchild of the International Federation of

Inventors' Associations, was created in June 1995.  Before launching this project, a comprehensive study was made.  A questionnaire was sent to all member associations; a survey was undertaken; a meeting of experts was held in Warsaw; discussions took place within the framework of IFIA General Assembly, as well as during two meetings of the Executive Committee.

MAIN OBJECTIVE:  To encourage national and local inventor associations to contribute to the promotion of creativity and inventiveness among girls and boys.


National Invention Contests: IFIA encourages inventor associations and its other members to organize or participate in such events.

Awards: Diplomas, certificates, books, used stamps from all over the world, and a one-year free membership in IFIA, are offered on the request of IFIA members, in the framework of the national contests.  Similar awards are offered in the framework of regional and/or international contests or exhibitions.

From a Newsletter to a Web page.  Six (6) issues of a 4-page bi-annual newsletter, IFIA-YOUTH, were published from December 1995 to June 1999.  Since early 2000, it was decided to cease the publication of the newsletter and to develop, instead, a substantial Web presence on Youth, which now includes inter alia the relevant basic information previously published.  The role of this Web page remains, above all, that of a catalyst in support of IFIA-YOUTH main objective.

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