Title of the invention:

Beverages containing extracts of medicinal herbs.


The problem to be solved:

The Herb Aqua make a beverage family with a content that exercises a favourably influence on the metabolism of the organism, on the good functioning of the immune system and exercises other favourable influences on the organism.



The Herb Aqua is an alcohol free and alcoholic beverage family (mineral, karstic and medicinal waters, fruit and vegetable juices, etc.) flavoured with mineral trace nutrients and natural origin flavouring substances.



The active ingredients (that are also available in concentrated, pellet form), determined during a 35 years of research work, assorted and dosed according to the aimed purpose, are mixed into the various beverages. The developed technology is suitable for mass production. The favourable effects produced by the beverages, the objects of the invention, have been tested involving a group of nearly one hundred people and, a scientific report has also been published on the test results in important foreign and domestic trade journals.


We can sell Herb Aqua water product with or without gas.




                                     Mineral water                                                                     


The inventors recommend the consumption of the beverages, the objects of the invention, to the too corpulent, chain smoker people and those people who are susceptible to diabetic disease, gastric disorders or who are suffering from hypertension. In case of chain smokers these beverages have a stress alleviating effect. It is recommended that the people suffering from the diseases mentioned above consult their attending physician before they take these kinds of beverages.



The ingredients used to prepare the beverages in question are exclusively of natural origin and this is why these do not cause any side effect. These beverages affect favourably the digestion of the regular consumers and improve their general condition.



Our selling capacity: 750 millions litters of karstic water end 240 millions litters of mineral water per year.