Ref. No: VA132/20/11/2006


Circular No: 3 - Subjects: GENIUS, IFIA shows and European Inventor Network


Dear IFIA Member,


I would like to give you a short report about my, and the IFIA Office’s work, which had been accomplished from this May 1 to November 30. You can find several results below, and I am looking forward to hear your opinion and proposals.


1.) GENIUS Events

IFIA Office and MAFE had organized the GENIUS International Invention Fair, ExCo Meeting and an IFIA Conference. The venue of these events was the Budapest Fair Center, in September. IFIA members received free of charge booths (400 inventions from 20 counties) and more than 50 IFIA delegates’ accommodation was paid for by IFIA, thanks to the Hungarian Governmental support. You can find detailed info about these events on and on the attached DVD.


2.) IFIA Collective Invention Shows

IFIA Office presented near 70 inventions from 9 countries, and showcased European Patent Office activities on international invention exhibitions in 7 different cities (Belgrade, Taipei, Zagreb, Bucharest, Novi Sad, Nuremberg and Seoul; see the reports with photos on the attached DVD). All expenses of this project were paid by IFIA. You can find detailed info about these shows on and on the attached DVD.


3.) IFIA European Inventor Network to Foster Innovation (EIN)

The ExCo (September 11, 2006, Budapest) established the IFIA European Inventor Network to Foster Innovation (EIN).

An increase of our European IFIA members’ cooperation is very important for our successful regional work: to foster innovation in Europe. For this reason IFIA is very much looking forward to the applications of its European members to participate in the work of the IFIA European Inventor Network. The EIN deed of foundation and the application form are enclosed.


The first event for the EIN (Conference about the cooperation among IFIA members) was organized by the Swedish Inventors’ Association on the occasion of their 150th birthday in Stockholm (October 4, 2006, see: and attached CD). IFIA Office supported the participation of several representatives of European IFIA members in this event.


The next meeting of the IFIA European Inventor Network about “European Innovation” will be organized in February 2007 in Budapest. Representatives of the Network member organizations will receive free accommodation (two nights) in Budapest. The EIN members will receive the program and the application form soon.


Finally, I would like to say thanks to those organizations which had already paid their membership fees (the receipt is attached). I ask other IFIA members to send their 2006 membership fee as soon as possible.


Sincerely yours,



András Vedres IFIA President