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Activity reports of IFIA President
November-December 2006

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December 26,  2006

IDExpo - Innovation & Design Expo,  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 29-30/11/2006

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council organized this international exhibition and seminars. Exhibitors included inventors, research centers and institutions, companies, designers, design centers from Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries.

The World SME Expo was organized connecting to this events.

Mr. András Vedres IFIA president was an invited speaker of the Seminar. His lecture: "From Invention to Commercialization" was presented on December 1 (download here in pdf format).



Mr. Cheung King Fung President of HKIA was awarded IFIA Gold Medal for national and international support of inventors occasion of IDExpo by IFIA President.

Mr. P. K. LOK's invention "Tide Energy Generator" and Mr. HOU Pon Wei's invention "Electromagnetic wave shielding Film " also separately to have the honor to receive issues the Association of Hungarian Inventors "Genius Medal" by András Vedres.

Report > > > here about these decorations by Mr. CHO Man Yu, Webmaster of HKIA.




HK Convention Center



The star invention: New hybrid car invented by prof. Yu Yang-shen (Chinese Univ, HK)
and in-wheel electric motors with regulator unit


The source of energy is 1.4 L petrol engine (Benz) connected a generator which produces electricity for 4 in-wheel electric motors (4x15 Kw) and it charges the battery (NiMH/312 Volts). Specialty of this invention is the 4 wheel steering technology. All four wheels can steer or operate as steering wheels. The vehicle even can rotate with zero radius and move laterally! Maximum speed: 120 km/h (5 L fuel per 100 Km)


Mr. Stuart Fox (Inventors Society of Australia) shows his inventions


The most popular design: Fashion


Mr. Vedres' lecture


Meeting with leaders and members of the China Association of Inventors (CAI), Beijing, 3-4/12/2006

The IFIA President was invited by CAI to discuss their participation on IFIA's work. Behalf of the meeting Mr. Vedres informed the CAI leaders: prof Lu Dahan Secretary General, prof Ming Tinghua Vice-president,  prof. Fan Mingyi Director General and Mrs. Yang Junmiao Deputy DG about the IFIA projects: the GENIUS and the IFIA International Inventions Shows on different exhibitions.

After this meeting the IFIA President participated on a workshop of Beijing inventors.



Mr. Fan Mingyi the CAI IFIA ExCo member and Mr. Vedres



Workshop with inventors in Beijing



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