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  NEW!    February 19,  2006 

IFIA Executive Community and
European Inventor Network meeting

January 21-23, 2007 - Budapest


NEW!   video film report


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Drawing by Christian Indus (Germany)


Agenda and documents of IFIA ExCo meeting

1.      Calling of delegates, and adopt the agenda

ExCo votes: 7 (Husein Hujic, Fan Minghyi, Gérard A. de Villeroche + Joachim Bader, Agustine Ong, Wouter Pijzel, András Vedres) - this meeting was a quorum

This Agenda had been adopted

2.      Reports about year 2006 - by President

Report of President - work in 2006

3.      IFIA Declaration 2007

Here is the approved IFIA Declaration 2007

4.      World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions 

Here is the approved World Cup of CIIs project

5.      IFIA events and work in 2007

6.      Adopt of IFIA Working Program 2007

Here is the approved IFIA events and Working Program 2007

7.      Preparation of regular ExCo meeting (April 20, Geneva)

Agenda (Proposal)

1.) General Assembly in 2008

2.) Amendment of the IFIA Statues

3.) Audit

4.) Others

8.      Others

New approved IFIA members:

  • Association of Inventors in Moldavia (AIM)

  • Asociación de Inventores de Puerto Rico (AIPR)



ExCo members/observers and European Inventors Network (EIN) members who participated on this meeting:

Husein Hujic                                               ExCo member, Bosna & Herzegovine

Fan Minghyi, prof.                                       ExCo member, China

Wang Ying                                                  ExCo observer, China

Yrjö Rinta-Jouppi                                        EIN member, Finnland

Edmond Tourriol                                          EIN member, France

Gérard A. de Villeroche                               ExCo member, France

Lydia Zetl                                                    EIN member, Germany

Rastegar Abbaa Ali Zadeh Alireza                ExCo observer, Iran

Rezaeian Hamid                                           ExCo observer, Iran

Sergejs Matasov                                          EIN member, Latvia

Anda Borisova                                             EIN member, Latvia

Agustine Ong, dr. prof                                 ExCo member, Malaysia

Wouter Pijzel                                               ExCo member, Netherland

Jerzy Polaczek                                             EIN member, Poland

Vladimir Petriasov                                        EIN member, Russia

Vitéz Károly                                                EIN member, Serbia

Lennart Nilsson                                            EIN member, Sweden

James Su                                                     ExCo observer, Taiwan

János Szöllősy                                             EIN member, Hungary

András Vedres, dr.                                      ExCo member, IFIA president


The above mentioned delegates’ hotel rooms were covered  (January 21-23) by IFIA at Hotel Stadion  with buffet breakfast, lunches on January 22 and 23, dinners on January 22; tickets for Budapest public transportation. Flight tickets contribution (50%) had been paid by IFIA to several non well-to-do delegates.




January 21, Sunday – arriving


January 22, Monday

  9.00 – 13.00             Working session of IFIA (Hotel Stadion)

13.00 – 14.00             Lunch (Hotel Stadion)

14.00 – 17.00             Break

17.00 – 20.00             Working session of IFIA (Hotel Stadion)

20.00 – 21.00             Dinner (Hotel Stadion)


January 23, Thursday

9.00 – 10.00    Meeting with the President of the Economic and Information Committee of Hungarian Parliament (Parliament Building, Kossuth tér)

10.00 – 12.00  Meeting with the President of Hungarian Patent Office and Seminar about IP Protection - First. Part (Kossuth tér - Garibaldi u.)

12.00 – 13.00  Lunch (Kossuth tér)

14.00 – 15.30  Seminar about IP Protection - Second Part (ELTE University/Faculty of Law, Egyetem tér; Keynote speech by Brad Smith: “Fostering Economic Growth through Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection”

15.30   End of the IFIA official program



Meeting room




The IFIA group before the Parliament building


The host of IFIA visit: Economy and Informatics Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, Mr. J. Latorcai the Vice President, and Mr. L. Puch the President (center)


Mr. Vedres hands over the IFIA Declaration to the Hungarian Parliament's Committee


Mr. L. Nilsson, Mrs L. Zetl and Mr. W. Pijzel


The Holy Crown


IFIA visit at Hungarian Patent Office: Mr. M. Bendzsel the President's welcome


Mr. B. Smith's decoration at ELTE University Faculty of Law


Mr. Brad Smith's lecture at ELTE University Faculty of Law


Mr. Brad Smith and Mr. András Vedres


Mr. Brad Smith and IFIA delegates




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