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Second ExCo meeting in 2013

Last Update
  December 22, 2013

The IFIA ExCo meeting had been convened on November 30, 2013 at 10:30 hours;

Venue: SIIF Exhibition, COEX, Seoul. The host of the meeting is the KIPA, coordinator: Mr. Shin Kyoung-ho skh@kipa.org;
The closing of this session: on December 4 at 10:30.

Venue: IBTIKAR Exhibition, Riyadh. The host of the meeting is the MAWHIBA, coordinator: Mr. Nasser M. Al-Rashed nrashed@mawhiba.org.sa

Minutes in short

Calling of participants

ExCo members:

  1. Iran - Mr. Alireza Rastegar

  2. Korea Rep. - Mr. Shin Kyoung-ho

  3. Russia - Mr. Vladimir Petriasov

  4. Nigeria - Mr. Joel Shaja Momodu

  5. Sweden - Mr. Cenneth Lindkvist

  6. Philippines - Mr. Virgilio Malang

  7. Slovenia - Ms. Ana Hafner - in her representative Bojan Gorsic

The votes is: 7; The quorum  is 5, it is OK.


  1. Dr. Adam Rylski Director General, Directors: Mr. Husein Hujic and  Mr. James Su

Representatives of members from: Brazil, Poland, Syria and Thailand



  1. Main events in 2013 - report
  2. Date of GA 2014
  3. Main IFIA events in 2014
  4. Amendment of the Statutes – proposal to GA
  5. Next ExCo meeting


This Agenda was unanimously approved.

Debate, acceptance and decisions

Remark: Mr. Shin Kyoung-ho left the meeting, the voting members: 6)

1.  Main events in 2013 - report by President


1.1.) World competitions:

  • 3rd Computer Implemented Inventions - connected to Geneva Salon, 10-14 April - 43 items from 6 countries

  • 2nd Chemical Inventions - connected to IWIS, 8 -10 October - 34 items from 7 countries

  • 3rd Eco-inventions - connected to IENA, 31 October - 3 November 2013 - 64 items from 15 countries

1.2.) International Inventors’ Day:

6th Celebration - connected to Ukrainian Inventors’ Day  -  Sevastopol, September 27

1.3.) Awarding:

International Order of Merit of the Inventors

Officer: Vladimir Petriasev, Aleksej Onipko, Maria Gontsarenko, Vladimir Selischev

Knight: Marcelo Vivacqua, Ivan Bračić, Bernarda Cecelja, Pavel Dlohý, Jevgenij Parasolov

Árpád Bogsch Memory Medal

Mr. Benoît Battistelli, President of European Patent Office (October 30, Münich)

Mrs. Teresa Stanek Rea, Acting Under Secretary of Commerce and Acting Director of the USPTO (November 13, Alexandria)


The members of ExCO unanimously accepted the report



2. Date of GA 2014

Date of the events: November ?, 2014

Venue of the event: connecting to the 8th International Invention Exhibition: Kunshan, International Exhibition Center

Organizer: CAI


         3x3m free booth/IFIA organization;

         Free local transportation

         5 day free accomodation for IFIA leaders;

         Bonus for the exhibited 10 excellent IFIA inventions


The proposal was unanimously approved.

3. Main IFIA events in 2014

Proposal by Mr. Marcelo Vivacqua (President of  the ABIPIR)

International Inventors’ Day Celebration Connected to IDC and INNOVAWORLD  in Vitoria, Espirito Santo State (Brazil): October 10, 2014

Proposal by Dr. Michal Sota (President of the SPWiR)

World Competition of Chemical inventions - connected to IWIS 2014

Proposal by Mr. James Su (President of the TIIIA)

World Competition of Young Creators  - Taiwan 2014-2015  NEW!   The organizer had been deleted this event.

The proposals was unanimously accepted.


4. Amendment of the Statutes

The participants of the meeting had discussed the published modification proposal article by articles.


After the debate the ExCo accepted this modified Statutes > > > Amendment of the IFIA Statutes



5. Next ExCo meeting

Be organized in the first period of 2014 connecting to an IFIA official exhibition


         Nomination of new President


The proposal  was unanimously accepted.


Closing of the session, December 4, at 10:30 Riyadh, Exhibition Center - connected IBTIKAR 2013


Calling of participants

ExCo members:


The votes is: 0; The quorum  is 5, there is no quorum.



Dr. Adam Rylski DG


The President had closed the ExCo meeting