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  NEW!    May 02,  2008 

IFIA Executive Community meeting

April 3, 2008 - Palexpo, Geneva




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Drawing by Christian Indus (Germany)

Agenda, decisions and documents

1.      Calling of the ExCo members, and adopt the agenda

ExCo members who were presented: Husein Hujic, Fan Mingyi, Gérard A. de Villeroche, Joachim Bader, Myocho Kan (the representative of Agustine Ong, MINDS) Wouter Pijzel, dr. Mohamed Al-Fawzan and András Vedres

Number of total votes: 8 from 11 - this meeting was a quorum



1./ Report of IFIA president

2./ Report of IFIA finance

3./ Preparation of IFIA GA in Suzhou (Report of Suzhou delegation)

4./ Working program 2008

5./ Others

This Agenda had been adopted

1./ Report of IFIA president > > > here

Debate: Gérard A. de Villeroche expressed thanks to the President his work.


This report had been adopted

2./ Report of IFIA finance > > > here

Debate: Wouter Pijzel expressed that the content (incomes and expenses) is OK, the form of this report is different from the usual IFIA form. He took to send this usual form to the President to prepare the IFIA finance report on that form. The new approval will be on the General Assembly 2008.


The Pijzel's proposal had been adopted.

3./ Preparation of IFIA GA in Suzhou (Report of Suzhou delegation)

Fan Mingyi outlined the IFIA main Jubilee program in China.

Parts of the project:

  1. 6th International Exhibition Inventions new Techniques and Products 16-19 October (Suzhou)

  2. IFIA Jubilee Celebration 17 October (Suzhou)

  3. IFIA Conference 18 October (Suzhou)

  4. IFIA General Assembly 18 October (Suzhou)

  5. Youth Innovation Base, Opening Ceremony  20 October (Sanghay)

Support for IFIA members from the organizers:

  1. Full equipped booths, total 1000 square meters

  2. 2 double rooms/IFIA delegation

  3. Reduced hotel accommodation, 40 USD/room

  4. 500 USD fly ticket compensation/IFIA delegation from least developed countries  NEW!    (according to the UN list dated 2008; 49 countries)


Booth reservation - Deadline: 15 July

Information about presenting invention - Deadline: 15 August

Hotel reservation - Deadline: 31 August

Suzhou delegation leader provided information about the city (with video film).


The IFIA ExCo had adopted this project

4./ Working program 2008

The President proposed the IFIA Work in the Jubilee Year 2008


  1. Ladies event - Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition (8-10 May, Seoul) Ladies’ inventions only! Free booth, USD1000 fly ticket compensation, free double room/delegation

  2.  USA - Invention Exposure (13-14 June, Redwood Falls MN, US) Free booth

  3. Cheminvent Conference and IWIS 08 International Invention Exhibition – Chemical inventions (4-5 July, Warsaw) Free participation on conference and free booth

  4.  Central Europe - Intern. Fair of Inventions New Ideas, Products and New Technologies (16-21 September, Zagreb) Free collective booth

  5.  New Time International Invention Exhibition, (23-27 September, Sebastopol, Ukraine) Free booth

  6. I’NOV Festival (10-13 October, Mérignac, France) Free booth

  7.  Inventor Festival - Main Jubilee event and General Assembly - International Exhibitions Inventions New Techniques and Products (16-20 October, Suzhou) Free booth, 2 free double room/delegation, fly ticket compensation USD500 for least developed country/delegation

  8. West Europe – 60th IENA and IFIA 40th Jubilee (30 October – 2 November, Nuremberg) Reduction of booth rental fee, free conference participation

  9. Asia - Seoul International Invention Fair (11-15 December, Seoul) Free booth

Debate: Wouter Pijzel expressed 9 events are too many, he proposed to reduced 2 events no more. Husin Hujic said that the great serious of international invention events are the best tool of commercialization of invention. The opinion of others were same.


The IFIA ExCo had adopted this project, 9 official IFIA Jubilee events.

5./ Others

The IFIA president informed the ExCo about the preparation of International Order of Merit. The first awarding will be held on Inventor Festival (Suzhou). He proposed the "Commander degree" to Farag Moussa.


The IFIA ExCo had adopted this proposal


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