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First ExCo meeting in 2011

Last Update
May  9, 2011

The IFIA President convoked the IFIA first ExCo meeting in 2011 which had been held on 7 May at 18:00 hours, Hotel Visnjica (Slatina), Croatia http://www.visnjica.hr/ connected to the AGRO-ARCA.

The host of the meeting was the Union of Croatian Inventors.

Minutes in short

Calling of participants

ExCo members:

  1. Mr. Choi Jong-hyug Korea Rep.

  2. Yes: Mr. Alireza Rastegar, Iran - represented by Mr. Hosein Voezi
  3. Mr. Dr. Augustine S. H. Ong, Malaysia
  4. Mr. Yang, Yifeng, China
  5. Yes: Ms. Ana Hafner, Slovenia
  6. Yes: Mr. Khaled Naswan dr. Yemen - represented by Mr. Janos Szöllösy
  7. Mr. Dr. Idrissa Hassane Souley, Niger,
  8. Mr. Joel Shaka Momodu, Nigeria
  9. Yes: Mr. Lennart Nilson, Sweden - represented by Mr. Cenneth Lindkvist
  10. Mr. Dr. Fuad A. Al-Awwad, Saudi Arabia
  11. Yes: Mr. Dr. Octavian Plesa, Romania - represented by Mr. Janos Szöllösy
  12. Yes: Mr. Pavel Dlohy, Czech Rep. - represented by Mr. Janos Szöllösy
  13. Mr. Dr. Virgilio Malang, Philipines
  14. Yes: Mr. Vladimir Petriasov, Russia - represented by Mr. Evgenij Kaynov
  15. Yes: Mr. Janos Szöllösy, Hungary

The quorum is: 8 persons; It is OK.


  1. Yes: Dr. Adam Rylski
  2. Mr. Husein Hujic
  3. Yes:  Mr. Pavao Havlicek


1.         Situation of invention; Possibility of EU Paten (debate only)

2.         Preparation of the main IFIA projects (decisions)

3.         Next ExCo meeting (decision)

This Agenda was unanimously approved.

Proposed way of decisions: Before of debate and voting the directors interpret their opinions.


Results of voting:

All tree decisions of the ExCo were unanimously approved.

1.) The above listed international invention exhibitions which are on the IFIA working program be deleted:

16-18 May, Cairo International Invention and Innovation Exhibition - Cairo, Egypt - The motivation: The Egypt organizer deleted this event in consequence of the "intifada".

15-20 July, 15th Al-Bassel Fair for Invention and Innovation, Damascus, Syria - The motivation: The present situation in Syria is no suitable to find business partners and licensing.

2.) The IFIA main projects be the above listed events:
  1. 24-27 August, 2nd World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions, First Cultural Innovation International Festival and "Modern Innovation" International Conference, Kaoshiung, Taiwan
  2. 4-7 October, Celebration of 125th Anniversary of Swedish Inventors Association "Inventions for the Future" presentation of selected inventions by IFIA members on the Scandinavian Technical Fair, Stockholm, Sweden included the Celebration of  4th International Inventors' Day (5 October)
  3. 27-30 October, World Competition of Green Inventions connected to the IENA, Nuremberg
  4. 3-5 November, World Competition of Chemical Inventions connected to the 5th IWIS 2011, Warsaw

The IFIA ExCo strongly recommends the participation to all members on the IFIA main projects.

3.) The next IFIA ExCo meeting:

4 November, Warsaw connected to the 5th IWIS 2011.  (About the preparation of 2012 work and General Assembly 2012.)