Organization of the 40th IFIA Jubilee

2008 is IFIA Jubilee year

Last Update
October 12,  2008 



The 2008 is important year for IFIA.

  • IFIA was founded in 1968. Fortieth birthday of IFIA will be in 2008.

  • 2008 is the year of General Assembly


IFIA Jubilee Celebrations

2-5 February 2008 Bangkok, Thailand:  Report see: First International Inventor's Day

  • The First International Inventor's Day Celebration on February 2.

This day is the Inventors’ Day in Thailand, when HM King of Thailand applied his first invention. This is the opening of IFIA Jubilee Celebration in 2008 and the first issue of the IFIA International Inventors’ Day project.



8-10 May 2008 Seoul, Korea

  • KIWIE - Korean International Women Inventors Exhibition

The IFIA member organizations (13) will present 127 women inventions > > >  info

16-20 October Suzhou, China - Inventor Festival, Jubilee GA  > > > info


The list of other official IFIA Jubilee events (exhibitions, conferences):

  1. Cheminvent Conference and IWIS 08 - International Warsaw Invention Show – Chemical inventions (4-5 June, Warsaw) Free participation on conference and free booth

  2. USA - Invention Exposure (13-14 June, Redwood Falls MN, US) Free booth

  3. Central Europe - Intern. Fair of Inventions New Ideas, Products and New Technologies (16-21 September, Zagreb) Free collective booth

  4. New Time International Invention Exhibition, (23-27 September, Sebastopol, Ukraine) Free booth

  5. I’NOV Festival (10-13 October, Mérignac, France) Free booth

  6. West Europe – 60th IENA and IFIA 40th Jubilee (30 October – 2 November, Nuremberg) Reduction of booth rental fee, free conference participation

  7. NEW! 2nd International Invention Fair in Middle East (9-12 November, Kuwait City) IFIA members' participation, free booths

  8. Asia - Seoul International Invention Fair (11-15 December, Seoul) Free booth