40th IFIA Jubilee Celebration


16-21 October, 2008 - Suzhou, China

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July 16,  2008 


China Association of Inventions

International Federation of Inventors' Associations

Government of Suzhou City

Agreement about the preparation works of  the Inventor Festival between IFIA and CAI

It was concluded on July 10, 2008, Beijing.


Subject: The organizing of the Inventor Festival in SuZhou


On the meeting between CAI leaders and Dr. Andras Vedres IFIA president on 8-10 July, 2008, in Beijing the following agreement had been concluded by the both side:


  1. Organizing of exhibitors, participants and visitors from China is the work of CAI.
  2. International organization is done by IFIA. The participant list must be sent until July 20 for visa invitation letters (names and passport numbers) to CAI. The list of exhibitor organizations (contact details: name of organization, name of leader, phone and fax number, mailing address and e-mail) with the presenting inventions list (name/s, title, short description and protection information according to IFIA marketing system to put a protected web server) must be sent until August 17 to CAI. The IFIA must send a proposed floor plan of international section of exhibition until August 17 to CAI.
  3. The World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions (CII) is part of exhibition. The CII competitors are regular participants of exhibition, but they works will be judge separate too. The CII Jury panel and CII awards are separately organized by IFIA. The CAI is authorized to nominate maximum 15 Chinese CII participants.
  4. Coordinator of participation from Taiwan on Inventor Festival is: Tien Pao Wu (Taipei Inventor’s Association Chairman)
  5. Awarding of the 6th IIE must be according to the rule and tradition of the CAI. The judging is job of the CAI panel. IFIA must nominate one jury member from every IFIA big (over 5 persons) delegations. The list of IFIA proposed Jury members (organization, name, contact details) must be sent to CAI until August 17 .The preparation of regular prizes will be done by CAI. Special prizes come by two ways: from China (organize by CAI) and from out of China (organized by IFIA). There is limitation of extra prize: maximum 2 awards per IFIA members. The winners of extra prizes must be decided by the donor.



  1. Conference must be 3 keynote speakers (WIPO, EPO, China) and 5 short presentations. The invitations and organization of Conference is duty of the IFIA and the CAI together.
  2. Task of CAI is to organize participants (university students, scientific persons etc.) on Conference from China.


IFIA Jubilee Celebration and GA

  1. The preparation of program of IFIA Jubilee and GA are duty of IFIA. The IFIA will award “International Order of Merit of Inventors for Chinese candidates (maximum 10 persons) only on the occasion of the Jubilee Celebration.


Hotel accommodation and fly ticket compensation

  1. The IFIA will send a list of supporting persons (one leader per IFIA delegation) until July 20. The CAI will send vouchers to the supported persons until September 10.



  1. The coordinator from CAI site is Mr. Prof. Fan Mingyi and IFIA site is Dr. Andras VEDRES


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