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Activity reports of IFIA President
May 2006

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June 4, 2006

Activity report

Press conference about the IFIA and its Office in  Budapest,  on May 4, 2006

Those present: 54 persons (news, radio, TV correspondents and others); Reactions after the event:  articles of daily newspaper (Hungarian News Agency Corp., METRO, Magyar Nemzet, Népszabadság, Magyar Hírlap) and several radio and TV reports.

Talk with Mr. C. K. Tao (Director of TAITRA - Taiwan Trade Center) about the cooperation, on May 23, 2006 in IFIA Office


Organizing an IFIA collective invention show and participation on BELGRADE INVENTION 2006  exhibition (May 29 - June 1, 2006)

A presentation of inventions (2 from Subotica, 3 from Bosnia & Herzegovina, 5-5 Croatians and Hungarians) had been prepared (posters and exhibition materials) and those had been transported to Beograd and back by IFIA Office. The assistance of IFIA President was Mr. Rudolf Vojnić-Tunić from Inventors Club Subotica/Szabadka.

The venue of the exhibition was the hall of Ethnographic Museum at the city center. Occasion of this event was the 150th birthday of Nicola Tesla. There were 120 inventions from 5 countries.

Mr. András Vedres IFIA President opened the show, on May 29 at presence of the leaders of Belgrade city, Serbian inventors organizations, representatives of media and participants, and he congratulated to Mr. Djuro Borak, the President of Belgrade Association of Inventors on the 50th Association's birthday.

The IFIA items received 10 prizes.




The IFIA booth in Beograd had two sides - Hungarian and Croatian items



Dr. prof. Milan Dudurović represent and inventions from Bosnia on the IFIA booth


Talk with official persons in Belgrade (May 29 - 31, 2006)

  • Mr. András Vedres IFIA President  met the leaders of several Serbian inventors organizations (Mr. Djuro Borak, President of Belgrade Association of Inventors, Mr. Milos Katić, President of API, Petrovaradin; Mr. dr. Ljubinko Ilić, Representative of Jupin, Mr. academic Petar Rajasits, Serbian Academia, Innovation Sciences) who laid emphasis on the importance of their active IFIA membership.

  • Mr. András Vedres  IFIA President met Mr. Bojan Stanojević, City Manager of Belgrade, who offered the Sava Center to IFIA to organize an international event in Belgrade on 2007. The Sava Center is an international, congress, cultural and business centre of various multi-functional activities. Situated in the close vicinity of Sava and Danube Rivers mouth, five minutes away from the in-centre of the town and fifteen minutes from Belgrade Nicola Tesla Airport. Its construction lasted from 1976 thru 1979.



Mr. Bojan Stanojević on left


  • Mr. András Vedres IFIA President met Mr. Dragan Pavrenović State Secretary of Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection and he informed him the offering of the Belgrade city. The State Secretary proposed that the title of the 2007 IFIA international event in Belgrade will be: "The innovation and the protection of environment".



Mr. Dragan Pavrenović the State Secretary - second from left


  • Mr. András Vedres IFIA President met Mr. dr. prof. Vojislav Vućević Minister (Ministry for Diaspora) who supported the plan of the IFIA international event in Belgrade.


On the head of the table the Minister and left Mr. academic Petar Rajasits with the JUPIN delegate


  • Mr. András Vedres IFIA President met Mr. Milan Janković, President of Belgrade Chamber of Economy. This organization undertaken to organize the international event in Belgrade as IFIA's Serbian partner.



Mr. Milan Janković and Mr. Vedres in the center and the participants of discussion


  • Finally Mr. András Vedres IFIA President Mr. Miodrag Marković Assistant Director of Intellectual Property Office who informed him the situation of his office. Mr. Vedres declared the representation of Serbian inventors' and patent holders' interest by the IFIA on international levels (as EU, EPO, WTO etc.)



Mr. Miodrag Marković  and IFIA President


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