The Swedish Inventors' Association - 120 years old

The IFIA warmly greats its oldest member!

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October 19, 2006

The Swedish Inventors' Association

Founded in 1886, SUF, the Swedish Inventors' Association is the world's oldest inventor association and Sweden's only national professional organization for inventors. SUF plays an important role in promoting innovation in the Swedish society:

- SUF aims at improving the conditions for inventors
- SUF is a body to which a proposed measure is referred for consideration
- SUF is a creator of public opinion in favour of inventors
- SUF has unique know-how and contacts within the field of innovation
- SUF provides service and information regarding innovation
- SUF covers questions regarding patent legislation and acts in the interest of inventors

SUF is an active and recognized partner in the field of development and innovation and an inventor's natural contact at the early stage of the chain of innovation.


Today, there are about 3800 members, including individual members as well as companies. Members range from active professional inventors to persons interested in the field of innovation. SUF collaborates with about 50 regional associations who meet every other year for the Parliament of Swedish Inventors.

Objectives and activities

One of the objectives of SUF is networking between its individual members and the different parties within the field of innovation such as financing, marketing etc. by organising meetings, seminars, visits and and by participating in fairs. Special activities and projects concern women.

Membership benefits

Some examples:
- SUF has a special service for members, offering reduced fees for renewal of annual fees for patents, design, and trademarks 
- The professional journal Uppfinnaren/Konstruktören is distributed to the members (6 issues per year).
- Special training courses are organized for inventors who want to improve their knowledge of the different stages in developing an idea into a product.

SUF is a member of IFIA, the International Federation of Inventors Associations

For more information about the Swedish Inventors' Association, please send an email to or give us a call at +46 8 545 16470.
"Innovationweek" 3 -5 October, 2006 - Stockholm
Organized by SUF

The program of this event > > > here


Short report with photos


The opening of this event was organized connected the Technical Fair on Stockholm Fair Center. There was the Award Ceremony of SUF invention competition.


Award Ceremony


The participants of this competitions had been shown their awarded inventions at the main hall of Fair.



Exhibition and the winners


The venue of the Anniversary Banquet was the City Hall, the Swedish Royal Family was invited. The President of IFIA expressed the congratulations of foreign inventors organizations.



The Blue Hall and the Golden Hall (Nobel Prize awarding place)



 Birthday cake and IFIA President sings: "Happy birthday to SUF...."


SUF and IFIA organized an International Conference connected the jubilee event about the cooperation of European inventors' organizations > > > more info here.


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