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Computer program and/or operator controlled equipment


Desolving problem:


To use an equipment within extreme circumstances. These can be catastrophic situations, or surroundings where human beings can not go in. 




Computer and / or operator controlled equipment, usable even within very extreme circumstances. These circumstances can be catastrophic situations, or surroundings where human beings can not go in.






Fields of application:


To repair a damaged ship on the see or to go in to a collapsed mine, also to repair something in circumstances of fire or explosion danger.


Computer-program and / or human-controlled equipment, using vacuum or magnetic forces to fix itself on the required surface (see e.g. the Hungarian Patent No. 212229), which has positioning and also manipulator arms.

These arms are controlled by computer programs and / or by human actions. For the human control we use an interactive, computer-program controlled equipment.






With this it is possible to fulfill several different, very dangerous tasks, which are not manageble by human beings.


Stage of development:




Documantation available:





  Bela  BOROS                                         George LUGOSI   




Patent Application 2007, before PCT (Australia)


Owner of the invention:


The Inventors



Business intention:


Selling the licence and know-how




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