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1.  The Invention              


Title                                 Cleaning of oil or fat-infected water

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve (maximum 3 lines)

Electrochemical cleaning of waters, contaminated with oil or fat emulsion materials.


These contaminated waters are declaired as dangerous waste materials, due to environment protection. Majorities of the  countries in the World fixed the limit of the oil content as maximum 5 ppm. Up to now we couldn’t find on the World-market such instruments and processes, which are able to fulfill this requirement, cleaning dirty oily water in one flow-through process.  Using our invention it became possible.

Presentation. The watery oil-emusion has to be destabilised and the oil-colloid flocculated. The dirty water has to be led into an electrochemical reactor. In this reactor we create in situ poly-aluminium-hydroxid, which on its surface bonds the oil-colloide. This forms a foamy layer on he surface of the water. In the reactor the anode is Aluminium, the cathode is inactive conductive material.

   Within the same time there are two process. One is a flucculation ascleaningprocess, another, without the addition of any more chemical,  is substantially softenes the water, lowering the concentration of the Calcium- and Magnesium-salts:

                        Al2(SO4)3  + 3Ca(HCO3)2  =  2Al(OH)3  +  3CaSO4  +  6CO2


Fields of application

-Industrial Contamination from petro-chemical procedures; -metal-work industry ; 

-Milkand Meat Industry,; -transport service and washing; - harbour water cleaning                                                                                    



- no-chemical process,

-the reactor highly energie-efficient, using only 150 Watts per m3 .

-there are two different results in the same time. (In situ flocculation + softening the water.)

-very low prise process.

-the only process, which is able to produce the <5ppm result, with the parameters above.


Stage of development.          Industrialised process.


Documentation available:     ( x) Yes
  - brochure,  video, website:

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name    Bela BOROS , Marta VARGA


Self introduction.   Bela BOROS

Mechanical Engineering (Hungary); M.Sc. (Mechanical), (Hungary) ;Ph.Sc. (Phisycs-Radiology) (Hungary) ;B.Sc.  (Business Management), (Australia)

                          Marta VARGA

Mechanical Engineering (Hungary); M.Sc. (Mechanical), (Hungary); Pd.D.

Owner of the invention? Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
Prior to PTC phase


Priority  18. April 2008

Countries where it is in force,

Australia, Hungary

4.  Business intention


Sale of Know-How Rights / Licence / Territorial Rights


5.  Contact


Name  Bela Boros
Address:    32. Wiseman Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia
Tel : +61 2 88501347


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