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1.  The Invention


Title         Remote-controlled based computer program for checking far positioned industrial or catastropy processes

Desolving problem

geographically position-independent sensing,

and processing systems as industrial sensor



This system combines the position-transmitting and situation-reporting
processes, and beyond this, it is flexible enough that the
control-centre can be positioned anywhere on the Earth. This aim can
be reached by the usage of existing connecting and
information-transmitting global systems (e.g.Google:, which also contains the mapping-system
of the Earth. When we want to control any process at any remote place,
we connect a message-sending unit to this process (e.g. an SMS-system,
if it is necessary using local parabola-antenna), and through this we
are connected to the control-centre, where the message-processing will
happen and the necessary commands will be sent out.



Fields of application

It is usable with success in the agriculture and in the gardens, where we can see the signs of the depleted soil, or we should like to reach better crop-production.



- using existing infrastructures,

- company or person-specific messages,
- geographically position-independent sensing and processing systems.

Stage of development.

Available product


Documentation available  Yes

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2.  The inventor (or inventors)



Zoltan KUTHI –Bela BOROS

Owner of the invention

Zoltan KUTHI – Bela BOROS

  1. Protection


Patent Status:
       Patent pending


        Patent Application 2007, before PCT (Australia)

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