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1.  The Invention              




Process for removal Silica from drinking water

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve


The residual concentration has to be less than 10 miligramm/litre, ppm.


Because of the high concentration of Silica in several countries (e.g. Hungary, Australia, Middle East). There is large amount of underground water storage, which can not be use for drinking,. Even the reverse-osmosis can not be used for high concentration, because the Silica cuting through all membranes. Drinking it, it can create serious illnesses int the microcapillars of the human body.



One of the frequently presented probleme, when chemical methodes used, that the Silica forms colloid system, and can form gels. This can block the filters, creating also layers in the pipes. In our method we create within wery tightly controlled electonic controll system, which circumstances small amount of poly-Aluminium-hydroxid.


Fields of application

Drinking water purification



             New, effective method

Reliable, controllable and economical method, helping to solve this wery common probleme in hte World.


Stage of development



Documentation available:     ( x) Yes

  Leaflet, website

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name    Bela BOROS, Aniko BOROS, Ferenc CSER, George LUGOSI




Owner of the invention?  (X) Yes

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Patent Pending


Priority  Australia, 2008

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Name  Bela BOROS
Address:    32. Wiseman Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia
Tel : +61 2 88501347