Bosnia-Herzegovina (28 items, presented by SIBIH)



1) Darko DUJMOVIC: ELECTRONIC DATA SELLING DEVICE (CII)  The voice and data device, using standard basic and/or primary ISDN connections, or else VoIP calls through Internet, does receive calls and does all the conversation with a client enabling the access to the central process base and, in the same way, receives new information in the form of voice communication.


2) Anto SPAJIC: KEYBOARD WITH DYNAMIC CHANGE OF FUNCTIONS (CII ) The use of a classic keyboard with a classic mouse is substituted with two mouse-keyboards, enabling independent and simultaneous use of two computer mice – one for each hand.


3) Dr Fikret ALIC: EXHAUST GASSES ASPIRATOR-CLEANER – Two aspirators are set on the front part of vehicle, on the level of the exhaust pipe, in order to can suck in the gas exhaustion coming from the front vehicle. On a following phase, the gas is cleaned by going through a filter and, finally, the filtered gas goes through the exhaust pipe, into the air, and the cars become air-cleaner


4) Borko BABALJ & Husein HUJIC: ROOM FOR SMOKERS – The idea results from a so said “Hermetical Ashtray”, invention patented two years ago: in the basis of the both are materials characterized by a very high adsorption and absorption capacity. The health of unlimited number of smokers, forced today to take their cigarettes in a small suffocating cabins, will considerably be saved where applied this novelty


5) Mrs Vukosava BOZIC:  A TUBULAR OPAQUE COVER FOR PHOTOSENSITIVE SOLUTIONS – It looks like a sleeve, consisting of a linear opening-closing mechanism. Easy and rapid setting, of bottle and pouring pipe, in the cover. Less expensive, compared to existing means of protection of the solutions


6) Vukasin DALJEVIC: UNBURGLARABLE LOCK – The proposed invention cosists of a mechano-electronic lock, which bolt looks and fonctions  like a toothed lath. It is as solid and secure, as to resist to any method or tool applied by burglars „state-of-the-art“: such as crowbars, boring, combing, breaking... 


7) Halid DERVIC: HINGE FOR ROTATION OF WINDOWS UNTIL 180º – A pair of metallic hinges, fixed to the middle of the both vertical sides of the frame, allows vertical rotation and halt of window in any position from 0º to 180º. It’s possible to clean external surface, without being exposed to draught, precipitation, cold weather…


8) Zoran DUJAKOVIC: SCAFFOLD FOR ANY HIGHT – Two horizontal bars  are set on the bellow side of a window's frame. The outer legs, with a plank on, serve to support two workers and the needed material (cement, tools etc.). The inner and longer legs are supporting pillars touching, pressing against the ceilig.


9) Zoran DUJAKOVIC: COMPRESS-IMMOBILIZER – The compress consists of chemical substances making it madicinally accurate, physically flexible and fast solidifying.The process of surgical setting on the limb is made easily and quickly, it dries and solidifies in a short time and It is five time lighter than the existing immobilizers      


10) Prof. Dr Milan DJUDUROVIC: ROTARY INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINE WITH CIRCULAR PISTON AND CYLINDER – The rotary piston is eccentrically set in the stator-cylinder. Engine can be made in mono, duplex or triplex variation, connected always on the same crankshaft. This engine has about 25% higher working characteristics than existing engines, classical or rotary.


11) Enver IBROVIC: UNDETACHABLE SCREW JOINT – This invention consists in improvement of a standard screw-nut agent, enriched by three simple elements, making the metallic screw-nut joints practically undetachable! 


12) Cetko, Djordje and Mladen KAPOR: TENDERIZING MEAT APPARATUS – The basic novelty in this innovation consists of two toothed rollers, to easier chew and digest tenderized steak.


13) Miss Tamara KARIC & Berina SUSCEVIC: MEDICINE TABLETS DOSER – A simple, reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective pointer designed to indicate the accurate (in periods and quantity) daily and weekly time for applications of prescribed medication tablets


14) Mrs. Branka KOLAR MIJATOVIC: ANTI-DRIPPING LADLE HOLDER – This innovation comes in guise of a board and it enables the chef to put any type of cooking spoon aside in a tidy fashion that lets the liquid drip neatly into a recipient


15) Marinko LOVRIC: BEVERAGE TRAY WITH TWO SUPERPOSED WOOD PLATES – Two rectangular superposed wood plates serve to fasten one (two or three…) bottle(s). The superior plate has one (two, three…) hole(s) serving to ring, clasp the neck(s) of the bottle(s). The low plate has cavities designed to hold bottoms of wineglasses and of the bottle(s).


16) Bruno MARUSIC: SPARK PLUG FOR OVER A 1.000.000 KM – This spark plug consists of only four parts: central electrode, outer electrode, insulator, union socket. It looks like a standard spark plug, exept the sparking part.


17) Branko MILICEVIC : GREENHOUSE WITH A MODIFYING HEIGHT – The height of this greenhouse can be modified, i.e. the upper floor can be vertically moved by hydraulic devices, according to weather conditions. Changing the height, the volume is proportionally changed, simultaneously the temperature too (relating to the same quantity of received heat), all that in measure corresponding the best to the growth of the cultivated plants. When the height lower, the greenhouse is better resisting to bad weather     


18) Branko MILICEVIC: TOWING SHOCK-ABSORBER – On an end of the towing rod or cord is set a cylinder equipped by a compression spring. The towing is done without jerks


19) MUSTAJBEGOVIC: A LOCK WITHOUT KEY – This lock is intended to internal doors of apartments, offices etc. When a children room, or an office room locked inside, that's should be understood as a sign „don’t disturb...“, „...we are learning“ or „...we are working, negotiating with  clients“. In case of doubt, there is possibility to open the door from outside (for example, if an ill or old person is staying closed in the bathroom longer  than normally, habitually).


20) Nedzad NIKSIC: SOUND LEVEL LIMITER FOR ELECTRO-ACUSTICS – Monitoring the output amplifiers signal level, the limiter is cutting sound excess for adjusted level (dB) by electrically controlled usage of a bal-last which can be placed anywhere at signal path through amplifier and speaker. To provide continuous quality of sound reproduction it is sufficient to position the amp's volume potentiometer for one notch lower. 


21) Jasmin PLANIC & Miss Emina ZUNIC: SCENTED SOCKS – Cotton or wool yarn which are scented by a natural odoriterous matter. They alleviated disagreeable smell, especially regarding passengers in long line flies, sportsmen, soldiers…    


22) Murat REKANOVIC: HAMMOCK FOR REST AND SPINE REHABILITATION – This hammock consists of two mutually crossed nets, one horizontal and one diagonal, tied with mobile macramé knots. The macramé netting makes this hammock self-adaptable to a natural position of a recumbent human body, while the two external horizontal threads prevent the asleep user (even a mischievous moving child) to fall down from the net


23) Sasenko SADIKOVIC: SELF-PROPELLED MACHINE FOR A QUICK CLEANING AND PAINTING OF LARGE FERRO-MAGNETIC SURFACES – A relatively small (100 x 40 x 80 cm) automotive machine. With this engine it is possible to exercise during only one day a cleaning or painting work for which achievement is taken one month with today's technology


24) Dr Fahrudin TORLAK: DYNAMIC & ANTI-ROTARY PLATE – As a complement to the famous Küntscher’s method, this plate allows a flexible axial inter-fragments compression and blocks any rotative movement, so preventing a possible malalignment of the bone during convalescence period after intermedulary nailing.


25) Ata STOJIC: POCKET KIT FOR NAILS CARE – This tubal kit consists of all implements used to finger nails care. One half of the tube contains the polishing implements (handle with brush and an enamel container) while the other half consists of a handle with cleaning sponge and a container wit cleaning liquid. This tube is not more than 10 cm in length and 10 mm in diameter!


26) Mrs. Vahida SEREMET: HEALING METHOD FOR PRUNUS PPV DESEASE – A healing liquid and method. The cause behind the most destructive and the most feared viral disease in stone fruits can be exterminated applying the proposed invention, instead to uproot the trees as it is done today.


27) Dragan TADIC: MASCULINE UNDERPANTS WITH AIRING APERTURES – This underpants differs from a classical masculine underpants by the segment covering the genitals: this segment consists of several apertures providing airing while the user walking or running, i.e. while perspiring

28) Zoran VESELINOVIC: ONE-PASS TRACTOR ACCESSORY FOR SPREADING FERTILIZER, PLOUGHING, SOWING AND HARRAWING – The idea is based on gimlets so placed that they can frontally (and under required angles) dig, lay bare and crumble soil for the sowing!