Guidelines on How to Fill out the Suzhou Submission Form


  1. The Invention


            Title – Encrypted microfingerprint against counterfeit


            The problem the inventor wanted to solve – The illegal economy from false goods and forged documents all over the world generates more than 1000bln.$ - a huge amount and a tool for exercising a very strong corrupting pressure on government officials and the political parties


            Description - An encrypted markings  is unique marking of every single product item, every marking itself contains one or several encrypted secret codes supplied by different sources (e.g. producers, governmental authorities, etc.), combined with our solution – code from the material (encrypted microfingerprint) it is impossible to be counterfeited. The technology offers easy control on several secuirty levels, including reading with mobile phone.


            Fields of application – Protection of documents, banknotes, securities, weapons and their spare parts, ammunitions, pharmaceuticals and all types of goods against counterfeit and forgery


            Advantages – The technology is easy to implement; solves the problem with “cloning” goods and documents; provides high level security; can be combined with other secuirty technologies;Provides different level of control including fast reading with mobile phone so everyone from every point of the world can help in the fight against false goods.


            Stage of development - pre-production


            Documentation available –


  1. The inventor


            Name: Jivko JELEV



            Self introduction – Born 1948 in Bulgaria. Education: 1973 PolitechicaGdanskPoland, Microelectronics. Working in the hi-tech field more than 35 years. From 18 years leading private hi-tech company.

            Owner of the invention: Yes


  1. Protection

            Patent Status: Granted patents

            Bulgaria – BG 63518, BG 63519, BG 63520

            Euro-asian patents 002991; 007912

            EU patent – 1046276; PCT?BG 2007/000008


            Countries where it is in force


  1. Business intention

            Looking for cooperation, J/V, Licensing


  1. Contact


            Name: Jivko Jelev

            Address:  Bulgaria; 1715 Sofia; bl.417; ap.31

            Fax: +359 2 9753954; Tel: +359 2 9753870