Miroslav NOVAK, Marko OREŠKOVIĆ, Ivan PADAVIĆ, Marko VELIĆ, Mirko ČUBRILO: Vergilius (CII)

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Title  : Vergilius


The goal of the project „Vergilius“ is to enable easier orientation and navigation for blind persons inside the buildings and structures. In closed space there is usually lack of GPS signal so there is need for developing other ways of positioning. Project “Vergilius” uses information network made of RFID tags, mobile platforms and Web services to meet these requirements.


Blind people are faced with different issues when doing some routine actions on their workspace like finding exact rooms etc. A Vergilius system helps by storing information for every point of interest inside the building. This information is stored in central database and thanks to service oriented architecture, blind person gets audio information while moving inside the building. User carries PDA device with attached RFID reader. Reader accepts information from closest RFID tag and in that way estimates the user’s position. When RFID tag is detected it means that one particular point of interest is reached and PDA application than initiates communication with central database via Web service. In that way user gets information dynamically and in real time.



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Miroslav NOVAK, Marko OREŠKOVIĆ, Ivan PADAVIĆ, Marko VELIĆ, prof. dr. sc. Mirko ČUBRILO

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