Jiri BLAHA, Jan Dupac, Michal Zastera, Roman Mazl, Zdenek Horak: Detection and analyses of explosives material traces and portable detector/analyzer for detection and analyses


1.  The Invention



Detection and analyses of explosives material traces and portable detector/analyzer for detection and analyses.

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve:

The objectives of the project was research & development of a highly sensitive, portable, multifunctional explosives detection and analytical system, offering optimal power & flexibility for fast, reliable detection and identification of a wide range of explosive compounds

Description. Give a general idea of what the invention is about:

New detector represents advanced, sophisticated and easy-to-use tool for fast and reliable detection and determination of explosive contrabands that can be found via finding molecular traces in luggages, laptops, cell phones, passports, bank notes and many other subjects. The system finds hidden bombs in rooms, boxes, cars, aircrafts and may serve as automatic additional confirmation detector for X-ray scanners at airports, banks and sport arenas and others.


Presentation. Describe how the invention looks like
The explosives analyzer
dimensions: 105 x 260 x 170 mm (including handle), weight: 3.2 kg without batteries, shipping weight: 13 kg (incl. transport case, including calibration kit, docking station, accessories)


Fields of application

EXPLONIX is a response to a rising demand for advanced security and defense instrumentation targeting mostly defense and security groups from police and military.


Continuous measurement with instant data logging and displaying on the screen

Unsurpassed stability against disturbances and false alarms

Direct internet connection of instruments enables communication between a remote EXPLONIX and a computer located anywhere needed

Bar code reader for determining luggage

Wireless communication enabling incorporation of EXPLONIX to various robotic systems.


Stage of development. production item.
Documentation available:  ( ) No   (X) Yes
leaflet, brochure, video, website, etc.

2.  The inventors


Name(s) (First name (not in capital letters), followed by FAMILY NAME in
capital letters)

Ing. Jiri BLAHA

Ing. Jan Dupac

Ing. Michal Zastera

Ing. Roman Mazl

Zdenek Horak

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3.  Protection


Patent Status:
Patent granted

Preferably give name of country, and the number of the patent.

Czech Republic, number 298856

Priority (date of the very first patent application)

Countries where it is in force, if granted

Czech Republic

4.  Business intention


The intention is selling the product


Selling the patent? Licensing? Cooperation?
Looking for investor(s)? Selling the new product? Other?

5.  Contact


Name: Jiri Blaha, RS DYNAMICS Ltd.
Address: Starochodovska 1359/76
Fax: +420 267 908 302      Tel: +420 267 908 300
E-mail: info@rsdynamics.com