Petr JIRÁSKO: Mechatronic drive system


1.  The Invention



Mechatronic drive system

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve:

The objectives of the project was to research & development of a highly effective, energy, time and material saving drive unit.


The Mechatronic Drive Unit is the complex of typical mechanical drive and separate electronic cam drive in one machine with special software, which switches suitable drive. Mechatronic unit uses only one electric engine drive and special shaft coupling.



The Mechatronic Drive Unit is the differential drive system with special software. It is for use in not typical product line.


Fields of application

Textiles machines and other not typical product line complexes.


Continuous or very quick and different drive and force change by the necessity of producting rythm operated by special software.


Stage of development. Prototypes revised technical system.
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3.  Protection


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Czech Republic, number 298856

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Czech Republic

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5.  Contact


Name: Petr JIRÁSKO, Research Institute of Textile Machines Liberec Co.

U Jezu 525/4, P.O.Box 92, Liberec 1
Fax: +420  485  302 402  Tel: +420 485 301 111


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