Jaromír VOLF, Josef VLČEK, Stanislav HOLÝ, Stanislava PAPEŽOVÁ: Plantograpf V05


1.  The Invention



Plantograpf V05
The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Measurement of pressure distribution on sole or between subject and pad.


The system is used for biomechanical purposes to be known the pressure distribution between the sole of the foot and the miniaturised pressure sensors in matrix arrangement. It deals about the transversible compact device, which enables the pressure distribution signals processing in the real time by means of PC, either in the static mode, and either in the dynamic mode by the loading tests.
Presentation. Describe how the invention looks like

Transducer have 7500 pcs sensors on the sensing area 400x300 mm. The sensors are based on conductive material, which transfers pressure to resistivity changing and one is composed from several layers for optimal parameters. Transducer exists in solid or flexible version. The transducer enables to be caught the 300 snaps per 1 s for all sensors. Full system can work in static and dynamic mode.

Fields of application

Iin medicine (e.g.: orthopaedics; rehabilitation; prothesis and orthesis-development; bio-feed-back etc.);to prevention of pathologic pressure on human body  (decubits  stop), e.g. intelligent bed;

to design of paraplegic seat and for the anatomy sitting and learning profiles design, especialy in car and air-craft industry ,in robotics (e.g.: for the stability and the robot-balancing point determination further for the grasp-force determination; the pattern recognition etc.) and in any other industrial applications, where is needed to know the pressure distribution on loaded area.


Pressure range 5 - 80 kPa, Permanent overloading 1.4 MPa, Transducer acting area 400 x 300 mm,

Number of sensors 7500, Digital output 256 levels, Snap frequency 300 Hz, Scanning frequency 2.5 MHz
Stage of development.

Production item
Documentation available:  Yes

  1. The inventor (or inventors)




Jaromír VOLF, Josef VLČEK, Stanislav HOLÝ, Stanislava PAPEŽOVÁ,


Self introduction.

VOLF: researcher – Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Republic. 

Owner of the invention?   
CTU in Prague

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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

The Proportional Transducer of Contact Pressure Distribution

Utility design No. 13964, Prague 20048

Patent No. 295655, Prague 2005

Chosen international (national) patents: 
Proportional Transducer of Contact Pressure Distribution

Patent No. 295655, Prague 2005

Utility design No. 13964, Prague 20048


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5.  Contact



Assoc.Prof., Ing., DrSc., Jaromir VOLF 

Czech Technical University in Prague (www.cvut.cz)

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Technická 4,

CZ 166 07 Prague 6

Czech Republic


Tel:      00420 22435 2737

E-mail: jaromir.volf@fs.cvut.cz

Fax (+country/town code, followed by – and number) +420224310292