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SCHULZ-SPAHR York Carl Waldemar: Evaluation-method and evaluation-disc

1.  The Invention


Title :

evaluation-method and evaluation-disc:
The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve :

I want to give a solution for every evaluation based by nature. If you start a machine or a prozess or a talking or a judging or anything, you have to know what is to do and what is the situation.

DescriptionThe invention is a very multiple useful plastic value disk for every evaluation. 

In this world we need always evaluations and this method is basing on the 

natural changing. The nature is organized by itself. I defined a formal for this 


Presentation. The evaluation-method contents 7 + 7 questions. Everybody has to use this evaluation-method two times. The small plastic evaluation-disc has 8 single-dics which can be rotated by the evaluator. So you get a picture of the evaluated situation.

Fields of application (maximum 2 lines)
Advantages :

In the past you have to make an evaluation using numbers. With my invented evaluation-disc you can make an evaluation about everybody, everything and every process. You get a picture of the whole situation.
Stage of development.: prototype
Documentation available:  Yes
  I offer a book "The wind is quiet" and a "book of tables" about this evaluation-method.

2.  The inventor (or inventors)



York Carl Waldemar SCHULZ-SPAHR
Photo. Optional
Self introduction. I am a German man, an architect and an specialist for evaluations, 53 years old.
Owner of the invention?  Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
    - Patent(s) pending (= PCT_applied for, but not yet granted).

Priority 7/13/2006, application-nr. WO2005EP03031 20050603,
Countries where it is in force, if granted --------------

4.  Business intention


 I want:  To sell my invention, to grant licenses, to find distributors, to find a publishing-house, to find management, to find financial backer.

5.  Contact


Name  York Schulz-Spahr
Address: Reichenbachstrasse 53
Fax 0049 89 18954031      Tel 0049 89 18954030