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Tibor BALOGH dr, Géza FENYVESI, Tamás BALOGH dr, György BALOGH: Products for the treatment of skin and hair problems

1.  The Invention



Products for the treatment of skin and hair problems


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The integrity and health of skin will be recovered int he case of some illnesses thought to be uncurable (e.g. psoriasis, pitiriasys. The same product recovers the integrity, health and beauty of skin and hair (young skin and beautiful, original status of hair


Our skin and hair complex is our only organ that grows continuously during all our life, out of keratinocyte cells, and then, after being formed into horn, dies. Human organism produces a sulphur containing sugar derivate for the horn (cuticle layer or hair) transformation. The amount of this material may be, however, dramatically decreased due to ageing and some external deteriorating impacts. The invention solves the problem of water solubility of this non-water-soluble sugar derivate, and this way, its access to the human organ (skin, hair channel) will be easy, providing the recovery of the healthy skin and scalp structure, and of the rich and beautiful hair.


Our largest and most vulnerable organ is our skin. It can be deteriorated by outside impacts, and its structure changes by ageing that cannot be compensated by our organisation. It is a natural process that the upper cuticle containing 6-10 horn flake layers will be detached continuously. The inside skin layers regenerate this loss continuously by producing keratine cells. These cells, after some transformations, will loose their nucleus, and by involving sulphur atoms, become non-living horn flakes. In the course of our research work we recognised that a sugar-like chemical has key role in this horn development process. If this chemical is not present for any reason, the cuticle layer will be not developed, or its quality will be not satisfactory. The new result of our research is that there is a way to recover the original structure of our skin, and its health can be maintained for a long time. The crucially important chemical is present in our skin from our birth, but its volume decreases by time. However, this chemical can be reproduced from several natural sources (e.g. from shark) in pharmaceutical purity, and then it can be transferred into the skin. This natural material is also able to absorb water, to glue the horn flake layers of the upper cuticle, and to help in the protection against outside infections. Therefore, solutions and creams containing this chemical are suitable to cure several non-desirable aesthetical phenomena, e.g. skin pitting (itching), shrivelling, drying and some skin malformations (pits). It is important that the active agent that has been developed in our research is also suitable to cure several skin illnesses successfully, e.g. psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, herpes, varicose, and nail malformations. It is also a result of this research that by curing the injured, ill scalp the original status and beauty of our hair can also be recovered.

We recognised that the harmful phenomena of scalp (drying, dandruff, itching, fatting) and hair deteriorations (strong hair fall, hair loss, alopecia, hair fibre fragmentation, thinning, etc.) are mainly caused by the horning troubles of scalp and hair channel. The “horning” layer is, however, very vulnerable.

Scalp illnesses, deteriorations, funghi, bacteria, and the suboptimal hair care (including too frequent hair wash!) are obstacles for the normal function of this essentially important layer. We discovered that, applying this sugar derivate, the health and beauty of scalp and hair can be recovered and maintained at extraordinary efficiency.


Fields of application




The treatment of deteriorated scalp and hair, the recovery of ill skin, and a very efficient cosmetical treatment of the skin can be managed by one single product.


Stage of development.

Marketable products, Hyacint cosmetics family (8 members), already available in pharmacies and other distributors


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2.  The inventor (or inventors)



-                     Dr. Tibor Balogh Chemical engineer, pharmaceutical chemistry specialist, 40 years experience in pharmaceutical industry and research, owner of 107 Hungarian and over 300 foreign patents, the chief of development of this product.


-                                 Mr. Géza Fenyvesi Economist, Long experience in the government health system, over 10 years experience in pharmaceutical trade, now executive director of Syglavi Health Service Ltd.


-                     Dr. Tamás Balogh Engineer, PhD


-                     György Balogh Technician, with research and industrial practice



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Patent Status:

Hu Patent application: Nr. P0309397



October 14, 2003

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