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Inventor and Invention:


BÁRCZY, Zoltán and BÁRCZY KÁDAS, Katalin: Selective oil separator built into drain-water treatment systems

1.  The Invention



Selective oil separator built into drain-water treatment systems


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The treatment of the waste water of technologies using hydrocarbons is demanding high costs and use large areas with application of the common techniques, their effectiveness is low.


The Bárczy ä selective oil separator built into drain-water treatment systems is an environment protection device to clean oily waste water (more generally speaking: waste water containing apolar pollutant components). The polluted water entering through the inlet stump flows across the selective oil filtering mat. The mat absorbs the oil content of the water, it makes possible, that the oil concentration of the exit water is below 2 mg/liter (as organic solvent content).



The full amount of the polluted water entering into the oil separator pit runs across an oil-selective filtering mat. The material of the filtering mat is oil-selective, hydrophobic one, that is why it will absorb the oil and the materials with oily character only. Water flows on undisturbed.

The water flow capacity of a unit is max. 5 liter/sec. Within this volume it can stop also extreme pollution even in case of any hazards. The installing is quick and simple, It may be installed independently, or as supplement to existing drainwater systems. Using of this unit is specially reasonable, if the problem to be solved can be characterised with the words: “few oil in large amount of water”, and if the target should be achieved a safe way, without constructing expensive and complicated objects.

Considering the oil content of the exit water, it fulfils even the most strict limits of the fresh water.

We enclose the technical description and some photos about the invention.



q       High cleaning efficiency

q       Low investment costs

q       Process without supervision, maintenance sots, energy consumption (only the solid objects should be removed time-to-time).

q       Long lifetime

q       Change of the saturated filter-mat is quick, simple.


Stage of development.

Development has been completed, the unit is under serial production. There are numerous experiences and references about installing, and performances. All the documents needed to start distribution are available


Documentation available:

q       Technical drawings of the unit

q       Installation graph

q       Decision of the Hungarian Construction Authority


2.  The inventor (or inventors)



Mr. Zoltan Bárczy

Graduated chemical engineer, economic engineer

Qualified industrial expert on the field “environment protection technologies and devices”

Qualified water treatment expert on the field “waste water treatment”

Vice president of the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises

Owner and CEO of the Bárczy Environment Protection Ltd. since 1991.


Mrs. Katalin Bárczy Kádas

Graduated chemical engineer, economic MBA

Owner and manager of the Bárczy Environment Protection Ltd.

Active in this company since 1999. with a long background in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Co-operant in the development projects


Owner of the invention?



3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hu patent application.



Countries where it is in force



4.  Business intention

Medium scale business intention is the increasing of the sales on the home market, start of export distribution. We intent to create co-operation contacts with wholesale companies, willing to take over distribution of the product on certain market territories abroad