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Inventor and Invention:


BÄUMLER Ede, ERDŐS, Kálmán, and SARKADI, András: Radiological field food tester


1.  The Invention



Radiological field food tester


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Without using the well known slow measures methods and heavy equipment now it is possible to decide, which nuclear radiation contaminated foods are consumable, and which are not. It is working in field environment, does not need laboratory circumstances. One man can carry the food tester. It has quick measure time, and can be used without any trained staff.



It analyzes the spectrum of beta and gamma radiation of all fission and activated radioactive isotopes in same time with only one detector. It gets a lot of information about the contamination in short time with simultaneous measurement. The base of the process is the perception, that contamination’s have simultaneously beta and gamma radiation and they can be divided by their spectrum in short and long half time groups. There are four groups: low and high-energy beta, low and high-energy gamma signals. The gamma activity of the short and long half time isotopes in the sample can be calculated from the spectrum groups. After the radioactive concentration of the short and long half time groups was compared to the norm, it can be decided automatically, if the food is consumable, not consumable, or not consumable at the moment.



The subject of the invention is “method, and system technology apparatus for decision whether the contaminated food with fission and activating radioactive isotopes is consumable or not” after a nuclear crisis, used scintillation measure technique.

The base of the realization was the development of an intelligent scintillation detector with a sandwich crystal, which capable to analyze the height proportionate to the energy of impulses, and to sort by the signal weight which impulses get from alpha, beta, gamma sensitive layers.

To realize the process it needs to separate the beta and the gamma spectrum in two-two parts, so it will be one low one high energy beta, one just short half life time low energy gamma, and one in first part short, in second part long half time high energy from gamma sources channels. On that we do the radioactive concentration calculation. With the help of content rate of two beta channels we part the height energy gamma concentration value, we add one fraction to the short half time isotopes, and the rest is the concentration of long half time isotopes. We sum the beta concentration, than we compare the beta and two gamma values to the norm, after that we calculate the consumability with logical decisions.



Security testing



The classification is taking place by all present (occasional 50-80), not by few presumed dominant isotopes. The measures time decries and the reliability of the decision increase. The size will be smaller, because the device use in place of two detector just one combined. It follows that lead shielding of the apparatus can be decries from the normal 150 kg to 25 kg.


Stage of development.

The prototype is finished in the framework of field engineer research and development, the control tests are done. The line production can be started.


Documentation available:

Brochures are available in Hungarian and English language.


2.  The inventor (or inventors)



BÄUMLER Ede, ERDŐS, Kálmán, and SARKADI, András


Self introduction.

The invention is the official invention of the Gamma Technical Co. Ede Bäumler works as technical director, András Sarkadi works as development leader, Kálmán Erdős works as software engineer. We can meet with theirs name in a dozen invention, which are part of the product variety by Gamma Co. e.g. the radiation and contamination detector, which is service equipment of the Hungarian Army, or the radiation control gates on the borders.


Owner of the invention?

Gamma Technical Co.


3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hu patent application (P03011996)



30. June 2003


Countries where it is in force



4.      Business intention

At first we want to fulfill the needs oft the Hungarian Army. We plain Wide range marketing will be done after the prototype is ready. Our foreign offices report earnest interest.