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CSÁNYI, László: Signal transfer over metal surface to replace wires


1.  The Invention



Signal transfer over metal surface to replace wires


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The inventor aimed to use a more simple process for the transfer of electric signals instead of using a lot of cable that is normally required.



The inventor uses such a method for the transfer of electric signals where the signals are flowing over a metal surface making unnecessary to use a lot of cable.



This invention is a solution based on a communications invention called QCAN that uses frequency selection method. The description of the said communications invention can be found in a PCT I. search report under the W2006/043120 A1 publishing number. The principle of the system is that a frequency denotes the destination address and the variation of the frequency makes possible to determine the destination address. On the destination place a resonator identifies the frequency and at the same time occurs the interpretation of the received signal. The invention is the "clone" of the QCAN system. The transfer of the electric signals is made by the excitation of the surface and this signal is coupled to the resonator at the destination place.



The superficial signal transfer can be used in the vehicle industry and everywhere, where a continuous metal surface is available for the signal transfer.



The metal surface of the vehicles can be used for signal transfer and no multiple core cables are required in which the cores can be interrupted, short-circuits can occur and where the cable failures can produce accidents. The metal surfaces of the vehicles do not become damaged in case of accidents and fires but the cables are more sensitive. The weight and the control of the cables can be eliminated.


Stage of development.

The invention is in experimental phase.


Documentation available:

Development documentation is available


2.  The inventor (or inventors)



Mr. László CSÁNYI


Self introduction.

The inventor is a qualified electronic engineer and a mechanic technician. He had more inventions.


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hu patent application



9th September, 2006


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4.      Business intention

The inventor is looking for a business partner who can take part in the innovation and product development.