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CSORBA József: Pressurized sewage discharging system


1.  The Invention



Pressurized sewage discharging system


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Antipollution and cost saving solution for sewage water treatment of settlements without sewage system. Obstacle free transfer of sewage waters without pollution.



The system operates with the principle of “one house – one pump”, i.e. every estate is equipped with a plastic pit with a pump. Professional implementation of an Y piece and air intake structures for the obstacle free transfer of the sewage water.



The CSORBA Ltd. improved the pressurized sewage water systems during the previous years, with industrial sample protection and several patents.
All of the developments serve effectiveness and safe operation of the system.
The system operates with the principle of “one house – one pump”, i.e. every estate is equipped with a polypropylene cone pit, with the benefit that fats and oils do not crust on its walls and is resistant against lift force of the soil waters.
The pit is equipped with a BIOX 300/CS pump featuring stainless casing, acid proof impeller and tungsten-carbide slip ring. The pump is resistant against suction effect comparing with other types of pumps.
The KPE “Y” piece is a new element in the sewage drainage system, with an air intake positioned at a beneficial place, utilizing benefits of the ambient air pressure and transferring the sewage water to the treatment plant without obstacle and with determined flow rate. The sewage water makes only forward flow in the main pipeline therefore no sedimentation and odors will be generated due to common effect of the “Y” piece and the air intake. Pipe connections are accomplished by welding with lifetime of approximately 50-100 years.



Applications for the pressurized sewage water discharging system may be a fully independent public utility works of a settlement for the collection and transfer to the treatment plant thereof, however it can only be part of a settlement with identical purposes, connected to the existing gravitation or pressurized system.



·        Time spent in the pipeline will be shorter since diameter of the pipe is small,
75 mm KPE pipe as average.

·        The biological cleaning process starts even in the pipelines due to the air intakes and the air flow, therefore sewage water with better quality is delivered to the treatment plant and less quantity of air is necessary for the further treatment.

·        No pollution to the ambient air since it is a fully closed system.

·        The pipeline can be laid in the green lane without braking the pavement, amount of earthwork will be less, its recovery can be solved with grassing.


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2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

József Csorba gas network and equipment mechanic (designer) was involved in the pipeline construction industry since 1977 as private contractor. He established the Csorba Pipeline Engineering Mechanic Industrial and Servicing PLC. in 1996. He expanded his professional activities to implementation of pressurized and low pressure sewage water networks.


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hu patents: 219776 and 224467



19. 03. 1998. and 21. 01. 2002.


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4.      Business intention

Establishment of new market positions.

Distribution of prefect channel construction in Hungary, without pollution of the ambient air space and providing better quality sewage water for the treating plants.