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CSORDÁSNÉ ANDA, Éva: Universal abacus for children


1.  The Invention



Universal abacus for children


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The development of mathematical basic competence and logical expansion with visual displaying of the tasks, and making the problem solving methods conscious via applying the instrument.



The instrument MATANDA is a system of double sided discs with different colour and surface held by a stick in lines. This allows blind children to use it through their touching sensibility. Through the vertical positioning of the holder sticks - around its axis you can oscillate the discs – it can function as a place value chart for the operation with numbers and amounts.



The instrument is built on activity and visuality, and consists of sticks holding 10 discs. These 10 discs are dividing by a wooden pearl to 5 – 5 discs, which helps fast reading after twisting the discs. The pearls on one vertical line allow us to display symmetrical figures. The discs can be rotated on the stick but they hold their position when it is necessary.

The abacus with discs is a mixture of the traditional abacus and the red & blue discs, with all the benefit the instrument can offer, / clear and spectacular solutions/ and with the exclusion of the disadvantages. /clashing, dispersing/.



In the field of education, from 5 to 12 year-old children both in traditional and special groups the last being taught on the basis of alternative curricula. Used for playful and spectacular maths education.



The instrument allows children to internalize the external pictures of their environment thus helps to understand new relations, gain new knowledge, memorise and recall it.


Stage of development.

The instrument is already a manufactured product.


Documentation available:



2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

I was born in Budapest on 26th September, 1955. I chose the career of a primary school teacher. On this field I managed to invent the above mentioned instrument, and it is a pleasure for me to give help to both the teachers and the learners.


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hu utility model: 2521



18th of March, 2002


Countries where it is in force



4.      Business intention

Licence marketing, product export