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Inventor and Invention:


DARÁZS, Szabolcs dr: Skill building folding toy


1.  The Invention



Skill building folding toy


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Creating a toy of high variability, with complex skill building feature made from the material that is easy to handle



Origami-like, foam-textile folding sheets with coloured surface and studs to fix , for creating folded figures which encourage the children to invent further characters with the help of an attached story-book and folding instruction.



The toy consists of 2, coloured folding sheets, a story-book and a folding instruction. On the sheets we have placed more than 110, three-coloured studs and folding lines of different colours and made the sheets firmer by sewing down. A number of three-dimensional figures can be made from the origami-like folding, fixing them by studs. On the surface of the textile sheets, on the areas between the folding lines, we created picture parts by film pressing, two-phase heat-handling method. These pictures contain the life-like lines of the 8 figures, which appear on the surface of them.

A colourful story-book with a colouring section are parts of the toy-set and inspire to build the characters from the folding sheets, making the children motivated to repeat creating and inventing further characters.



Toy, in skill developing education, classes in nurseries and primary schools, child-guidance centres.



Strengths: It develops the children’s motor skills, creativity, three-dimensional senses, associative and combinative skills, and memory function, problem-solving. It helps the target-oriented child-developing activities led by parents and teachers. Because of its material the toy is easy to clean and hygienic.


Stage of development.



Documentation available:

Colourful product-description (information sheet)


2.  The inventor (or inventors)



Dr. Szabolcs DARÁZS, (1974-2005)


Self introduction.

He graduated from the university of medicine SOTE as a general doctor, parallel getting qualification of salesman of foreign trade. He worked for market leader pharmaceutical companies as a sales representative, and founded Gold Line Ltd, which made its success by its numerous products in the market of pet accessories and skill building children toys.


Owner of the invention?

Gold Line Ltd.


3.  Protection


Patent Status:

EU form designing model registration, 000212535-001/002125350010, Utility model No 2865.



8 March 2005


Countries where it is in force

EU, Hu


4.      Business intention

Sale of product