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Inventor and Invention:


Győző GARAB dr and István POMOZI dr: Differential Polarization Laser Scanning Microscope

1.  The Invention


Title (maximum 1 line) Differential Polarization Laser Scanning Microscope (DP-LSM)

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve


Goal: high precision quantitative 2D and 3D microscopic DP imaging in LSMs: DP microscopy provides important and unique information on the anisotropy and molecular organization  of complex samples of biological and biomedical origin and in artificially constructed materials.




The DP-LSM combines two advanced techniques, the laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSM) and differential polarization (DP) spectroscopy. With the DP attachment most LSMs can be made capable of imaging with high precision and in real time absorbance and fluorescence detected linear and circular dichroism, linear and circular anisotropy of the emission, linear birefringence, and the degree of polarization of fluorescence emission.




The DP-LSM contains a DP unit, using high frequency modulation and a demodulation circuit, which is attached to a confocal LSM that uses scanning beam or scanning stage. DP images can be displayed and stored in the same way as the ‘conventional’ images of the LSM.


Fields of application


DP imaging have been shown to yield important information on the anisotropic architecture of different biomedical and biological samples and in artificial molecular macroassemblies.



The main advantage of DP-LSM is that it combines the advantages of two advanced techniques, the laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSM), a technique that is widely used in biomedical imaging and material sciences, and differential polarization (DP) spectrosocopy, that is routinely used in dichrographs and other instruments for the determination of the parameters of the anisotropic architecture and molecular organization of different samples.


Stage of development. Prototype

Documentation available: Yes
  scientific publications, patent descriptions

2.  The inventor (or inventors)




Prof. Dr. Győző GARAB and Dr. István POMOZI

Self introduction. Optional


GG has been working in the field of biophysics and polarization spectroscopy for more than three decades in a leading Hungarian research center; IP has over 10 years experience in vision and recognition research and polarization optical applications in industrial environment

Owner of the invention?


Biological Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary



3.  Protection


Patent Status:


US patent: US 6 856 391, 2005

EU patent: EP 1 334 339, 2007

Coauthored with Drs. R. Jörgens and G. Weiss (Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH)


Patent Application No. P0700635  (priority: September 28, 2007) by GG and PI



4.  Business intention



Open for (virtually) all options – depending also on the project manager (negotiations in progress).