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 KÁLMÁN, Dániel: Mobilisation of soil-bound Phosphorus for plants


1.  The Invention



 Mobilisation of soil-bound Phosphorus for plants


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

 Mobilisation of soil-bound Phosphorus



 The process applies a special preparation of micro-organisms (bacteria), which shall be mixed into the soil. The result is that the soil-bound Phosphorus is digested and converted into soluble form, which can be taken up by the plants.



 The basis of the new process now being patented is the recognition/realisation that a certain group of soil micro-organisms is capable of converting the inorganic and organic phosphates into a form in which the plants can take them up. The special bacterium strains isolated in laboratory circumstances are further propagated in fermenters. The fermentum is diluted with water and this solution is sprayed onto the soil surface in a uniform way. Then, applying appropriate tillage tools the micro-organisms are mixed into the soil.



 In the agricultural sector.



 Environment-sound process, which can be matched to biotechnology
It does not mean a further chemical burden for the soil
It produces a crop increase of 17%
It produces significant additional profit
No need to pay for fertilisers
No need for investing into machines


Stage of development.



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2.  The inventor (or inventors)



 KÁLMÁN, Dániel


Self introduction.

 He is an agricultural engineer and specialised engineer in two other fields. He got his diplomas at the Agricultural University of Gödöllo. He has been specialised in R & D (working in this field for 10 years) and he dominantly deals with environmental topics. At the moment, he is the full or part owner of 21 patents all together.


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

 Hu patent pending



 04.05. 2000


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4.      Business intention