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KERTÉSZ András: High Speed mill


1.  The Invention



High Speed mill


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

One single machine can produce both edible flour and fodder grits.



The new machine can be manufactured at a cost lower than all the machines produced so far. It is the machine of the future, which will replace traditional cylindrical mill and sledge mill.



The milling cylinders are rotating oppositely to each other, at a high speed. Each cylinder is driven by an independent electric engine. The cereals arrive between the cylinders after being sped up and pass through the milling slot at a speed two or three times higher than in traditional machines.



The mill is suitable for milling cereals, wheat, coffee beans, corn maize etc. to even grain size, at low power consumption and without noise.



ˇ        2 or 3 times higher capacity

ˇ        lower frictional heat production

ˇ        grain character (type) can quickly be selected by matching the notches

ˇ        beyond the adjustment of the slot size, new methods for changing the grain size:          by changing the engine pole number, by regulating the engine revolution

ˇ        smaller cylinder length 

ˇ        lower mechanical load

ˇ        simple direct driving, without transmission

ˇ        electronic regulation of the grain size

ˇ        quick replacement and rotation of the cylinders for changing the matching of the notches

ˇ        cylinders mounted onto the engine shaft, for machines of max. 7m3/hour capacity


Stage of development.



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2.  The inventor (or inventors)





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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hu Patent application (P0700752)



26. 11. 2007.


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