Exhibitor: Association of Hungarian Inventors - MAFE

Inventor and Invention:


KUTHI, Zoltan:   AlertHolder


1.  The Invention





The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

 Sending mass messages from phone operated alert holder. The phone could be controlled wirelessly



 A new phone accessory, with which, using a single ignition, a series of messages could be sent.



In case of danger the inserted phone gets activized.
With speed call the virtual surveillance center is called. In the surveillance center to the number (CallerID) predefined messages are stored. The messages are set through a website, and are delivered in the line of getting stored to their recipients without any external help, but not from the phone of the initiator.



 Old, sick people, children, security companies, endangered employees, leaders.



The phone needs no additional hardware extensions.
The option of appliance is ready for most of the types.
No need for software plugin.
With minimal practice the users could create and manage their own message sets on the Internet suiting their needs.


Stage of development.



Documentation available:

Documentation available:





2.  The inventor (or inventors)



 KUTHI, Zoltan


Self introduction.

 He is an electrical engineer, and member of MAFE's presidium.


Owner of the invention?



3.  Protection


Patent Status:


Hu and international patent pending PCT/HU 2008/000033




Countries where it is in force

Hungary, all PCT coutries


4.      Business intention