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Inventor and Invention:


Zoltán KUTHI: Electronic fuelcap

1.  The Invention



Electronic fuelcap

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Protection against stealth from liquid containing tanks, with an electronic lock attached to the cap of the tank.



We have attached a radio alarm with the appropriate sensor into the fuel cap, which is connected to an alarm system in an unusual way. A minimal movement of the fuel cap initiates an alarm signal, so the stealth will be revealed in a very early stage. It avoids the undiscovered reach to the inside of the tank.



The solution makes it almost impossible to remove the cap of the fuel tank without noticing it, and in case of a minimal manipulation of the cap an alarm signal is released on the site, and even to a remote premise.

It could be effective at all cases, when a need emerges against stealth of liquid from its capped containers. It could be useful against fuel leakage stealth efforts in their early stage, by indicating alarm at the beginning of the process.


Fields of application

Industry premises, Transportation, Ferry, Goods protection, Traffic, Building industries.



easy to buy, same shape as the original cap, it signals immediately at the start of the breach, no need of modification on the container, from the outside there is no physical difference between a normal and a protected container.


Stage of development.

Product under research; protype available.

Documentation available:  ( ) No   (X) Yes

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Zoltán KUTHI

Owner of the invention? HUMIC 2000 LTD, Hungary

3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Patented: patent pending

Priority 31.07.2008
Countries where it is in force: PCT countries

4.  Business intention


Licensing, Cooperation, Selling the new product, Distribution