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 MARUZSI, László: Referee Support System - Offside signaling (CII)


1.  The Invention


Title Referee Support System - Offside signaling



The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

 The invention allows unambiguous judgment of touch lines, goal lines, off side positions and goals.



 Two or more cameras record the event on the field, the data of which are analyzed by a software programme, and the result is immediately forwarded through a radio transmitter-receiver to the assistant referee who is to judge the event, with the help of the special rod of the flag.



 When the whole of the ball has been passed out of the field, the rod of the flag, triggered by a small engine inside, signals for the assistant referee with a shaking movement and a buzzing sound for three seconds. At the same time, the red lamp on the rod comes on. When the whole of the ball has been passed beyond the goal line, the green light comes on, together with the shaking movement and the buzzing sound. If the software program identifies an off side position at the moment when the ball is kicked, it transmits a radio signal towards the flag rod. If the assistant referee pushes the button, he will experience the shaking-buzzing signal. In this case, the yellow light comes on for three seconds. The assistant does not need to be in line with the players: the signal is sent regardless his position. A flashing blue light on the flag rod indicates that there is connection with the transmitter, and the system   is in working order.



 In sports, particularly ball games.



 The system eliminates the major mistakes that can affect the result of the game, and contributes to correct decisions by the referee. He can concentrate on other events on the field, and monitor the players by running shorter distances. The application eliminates corruption, even the probability thereof.


Stage of development.

 A working prototype has been produced, the software programme is currently developed.


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2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

 I am a practicing businessman brimming with creative ideas.


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

 HU patent pending and PCT application



 11 February 2003


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