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NÁDAS, Béla dr: Rotator mechanism


1.  The Invention



Rotator mechanism


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The main aim was to create a simple mechanism for the coupling of two shafts where the direction of rotation of the driving and driven shafts can be the same or opposite and their angular velocity is always the same.



This rotator mechanism is suitable for the coupling of two shafts that are in parallel to each other or in any angular position with respect to each other and, where the angular velocity of the driving and driven shaft is always the same, while their direction of rotation can be arbitrary.



This mechanism is suitable for the transmission of the rotary movement from one shaft to an other that are in parallel to each other or in any angular position with respect to each other, with the same or opposite direction of rotation. Its construction differs from the usual drives, since, it does not contain gear or flexible, deformable components. It does not change the drive ratio, but its construction enables the branching of the power transmission chain. The precisely guided arms make also possible the constant power transmission even if no oil lubrication is used. Its structural design is shown in the perspective diagram.

At the extreme ends of the shafts there are shaft coupling heads to which moving arms are connected. These moving arms, at the driving shaft end, convert the rotary movement into vector components and then, by moving periodically the two shafts found in the centre part of the mechanism, the rotary movement is rebuilt again at the driven shaft end.

In this mechanism the efficient co-action of the arms and the inner shaft results in the synchronous rotation of the coupled shafts and, when starts the rotation of one of the shafts then the other shaft follows its rotary movement with the same angular velocity and, depending on the construction layout, in the same or opposite direction.

The mechanism provides the highest efficiency if the rotating and moving components are supported in bearings and the rotary parts are balanced that can also be realised without any difficulty.



This rotator mechanism can be used in the machine and vehicle industry. It is suitable to replace gear type drives and cardan joints that are permanently built in (fixed position) ones.



The construction has a low friction, noiseless operation, low lubricant requirement and a higher shaft angle range as that of the cardan joints and, at the same time, the driving and driven shafts have the same angular velocity in every moment. Its construction is simple and, thus, it can cheaply and easily be manufactured and it can be dimensioned for versatile use.


Stage of development.

The prototype development is in course.


Documentation available:

The complete technical documentation is not ready as yet


2.  The inventor (or inventors)



NÁDAS, Béla dr.


Self introduction.

Self introduction: The inventor lives in Budapest, he is 53 years old, he is a specialist in internal medicine. As a hobby, for amusement and in his free time he is interested in and deals with the technical questions and the mechanical engineering. He has various inventions.


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Patent Status:

Utility model Protection (Reg. no.: 2818),  PCT/HU2005/000031



25th March, 2004


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