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Inventor and Invention:


NASHWAN Khaled dr: Device for treating vascular stenosis


1.  The Invention



Device for treating vascular stenosis


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Treatment of vascular stenosis with new and effective method without any side-effects.



Treatment and prevention of vascular stenosis without any pain and complications by infra, audible and ultrasound waves.



The Nashwan-Parasound procedure is a scientifically confirmed new therapy for treating acquired vascular stenosis and sclerosis without any pain and complications. The Nashwan-Parasound device is under international patent protection. The device has an ORKI (Medical and Hospital-technological Institute) licence and CE international quality certificate.

The essence of the Nashwan-Parasound procedure: During treatment the human body is exposed to infra- (audible) and ultrasound waves (parasound) with special frequency and intensity range, that penetrate without any pain or side-effects and exercises a circulation-improving effect. The waves are able to penetrate several meters deep in solid bodies.

These waves boost the creation of collateral circulation (collateral veins). The new collaterals facilitate circulation by by-passing the stenosis area. The parasound waves reactivate the inactive elements of the vascular walls. By relaxing the fenestrated (porous) system that feeds the vascular wall the procedure improves the self-feeding of the vascular walls and due to this it increases the flexibility of the vascular wall, which is highly significant in the prevention and the delay of vascular stenosis. By relaxing the reflexes causing spasm (constricted veins) the walking distance of the majority of the patients is increased as soon as after the first treatment. After 20 treatments the walking distance can increase from some ten meters to 20 several hundred, in some cases several thousand meters, the numbness of the limbs, the persistent pain the cold feeling in the limbs will ease considerably or disappear entirely.



Medical treatment



Painless therapy for treating and preventing vascular stenosis without side-effects, and without availing hospitalization and sick-pay.


Stage of development.

This is a product already in use in medical therapy.


Documentation available:

Production documentation, Patent certificate, test results from a vascular-surgery department


2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

Dr Khaled Nashwan is a researcher in vascular stenosis, and Marie Curie award-winning inventor and surgeon.  His invention has won five international gold medals and two international Grand Prizes: the Medal of the French Legion of Honor and the Marie Curie international scientific award.


Owner of the invention?



3.  Protection


Patent Status:

No 224 572 Hu Patent and No 182075 Hu Trade Mark



05. 11. 2002


Countries where it is in force



4.      Business intention

The further expansion of the Centers using Nashwan Parasound device both in Hungary and internationally, perhaps the production of the device in abroad.